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The Boston Red Sox are in the mist of another down season. On Monday’s Felger and Mazz, the guys made the point that the Boston Red Sox have become a second rate operation. After losing two out of the first three games in the series against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Red Sox’s indeficiencies when it comes to roster building has been highlighted. The guys discuss how the Red Sox are the fourth most popular team in the city and that it isn’t even a debate.

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  • Alex Cora

    ATLANTA, GEORGIA – MAY 11: Manager Alex Cora #13 of the Boston Red Sox reacts in the dugout after being ejected by homeplate umpire Adam Beck #102 in the sixth inning shortly after an ejection of Kevin Plawecki #25 against the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park on May 11, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

  • Mazz: Is this what they want?

    Jim Murray:  You weren’t excited by the Rob Refsnyder extension over the weekend and them holding a press conference for that announcement as well on Saturday?

    Mazz: I mean, this is a joke.

    Jim Murray: It really is.

    Mazz: The Red Sox are a joke. They are a joke, is what they are, an absolute punchline of an organization. That’s what they are, that’s what they’ve become. Whether they want to admit it or not. So if they’re modeling themselves after the Tampa Bay Rays, who are good at it and actually win games. Well, you’re trying to do it their way and you suck at it. And tell me when they’re going to be first rate again. Because I think some of the crap that’s going on at the ballpark, too, which doesn’t have anything to do per se with the team on the field, is also being done in a Mickey Mouse fashion.

    Jim Murray: Such as?

    Mazz: Dining. It’s a joke. Okay we’re in the year 2023 here, Bill Belichick does a postgame press conference, the Patriots put it on their website, and their fans can go and access it. You can listen to the whole thing. Bills get a mike in front of them. Sometimes he pushes it away because that’s Bill. But it’s there.

  • Chaim Bloom

    Nov 12, 2019; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Boston Red Sox general manager Chaim Bloom speaks during media availability at the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

  • Felger: They’ve paid for the mic and the feed.

    Mazz: Okay, here is the beginning of Cora’s post-game yesterday again, go ahead Jimmy.

    Alex Cora: Let’s end up with times.

    Mazz: Stop. Get the picture. These are the Boston Red Sox. Okay. This isn’t the freaking, you know, Sacramento Kings. Okay. It’s the Red Sox who play in a stadium that might as well be, you know, just a museum where people come in and buy tickets because they show up even when you don’t play. And meanwhile, they’re trying to sell you the future in Triston Casas comes up and blows. So there’s that, too. Like, there is nothing to grab on to. Nothing. Zero. They’re hollow. I don’t know what happened there. I really don’t. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what trigger led them down this road. Where they want to be this. I think the whole thing is second rate. The Red Sox are a second rate operation.

    Felger: So their game yesterday was at whatever, 2:00, it was an afternoon game, whatever, one, two, three was in the afternoon up against nothing, like golf. And I don’t know what else.

    Jim Murray: No, that’s about it.

    Mazz: What did they do? I didn’t even look.

    Felger: In the demo. The male demo? Men, 25-54. Like living, breathing people. 0.60. Among adults. 0.43 include the gals 0.4. Well, I mean, again, that’s, that’s scary.

    Mazz: Yeah. No, again, they’re nonexistent. I mean, like, you know, we have this discussion periodically, you know, what are the top four teams in town? They’re four, not even close. The Revs are climbing up their ass right now.

    Felger: Well if they put the Revs on TV they might do those kind of numbers.

    Mazz: Yes!.

    Felger: As opposed to the web.

    Mazz: They’re nonexistent. They’re a zero. They are a zero.

    Felger: I mean why would you watch? You don’t know who any of the players are.

    Mazz: Right. And even the young ones aren’t doing that well.

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