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It was announced that Fred Toucher, co-host of the Toucher & Rich radio program, will be taking an extended leave of absence from the show after a “concerning” discovery was made during his most recent doctor’s appointment for his ongoing throat issue. The exact nature of the concern has not been disclosed.

  • Toucher and Rich

    Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb at their 10 year anniversary show at the Wilbur Theater

  • Fred has been dealing with an ongoing issue with his voice for months, despite seeing multiple doctors who initially dismissed his concerns. However, things changed after a listener introduced him to a doctor they worked with. The examination “didn’t go great”, says Fred. Nevertheless, the physician reassured Toucher that the situation was fixable. Toucher credits the listener for potentially saving his life by facilitating this crucial appointment.

    Fred joined forces with Rich Shertenlieb to launch their own radio program on WBCN in Boston back in 2006 after their stints working at 99x in Atlanta. The duo’s chemistry quickly garnered a following, prompting the show’s move to 98.5 The Sports Hub in 2009 once WBCN was no more. Since then, Toucher and Rich widely regarded as one of the most successful  radio programs in New England.

  • Fred Toucher

    Fred Toucher at the old Sports Hub studios in Brighton, MA (Credit: NBC Sports Boston)


    “Hello all. 

    I don’t know when Rich is going to read this but the chances of me being awake are almost non-existent. That’s right I’m still sleeping and as for now still getting paid! Just like my uncle who I marveled at as he would be drinking beer and watching the Mets at 2 pm on a Wednesday in his underwear, I am on workman’s comp! Unlike my uncle I do not have to keep peering through the window to make sure an insurance agent was waiting to bust me.

    Anyways, My voice has been messed up for a long time. I had been going to doctors and they didn’t seem overly concerned. However, a listener heard me and put me in touch with a doctor he works with. I went and things didn’t go great. He found some things in my throat that concerned him. He told me not to worry because he could fix all of it. Not to sound dramatic but it is possible a listener saved my life by setting up that appointment. To that, I am grateful, even though the doctor doesn’t take insurance. Between this and my divorce, I’m fucked financially! Sorry kids – Christmas is going to look a lot different this year.

    If you stick around long enough there are going to be tough times. Rich has had them, guys behind the scenes have had them and here I go again with mine. It has been my pleasure to share my journey over the last 17 years with you guys. I knew that if I let you in on enough of my crap it would pay off one day.

    I will be back. That is for sure. In the meantime, your mornings are going to be a little happier and less fat. I’m going to write a bunch of stuff for the website. So you will know what’s up with me if you choose to care.

    Talk soon,




  • Nick Gemelli is a Producer for the Toucher and Rich program and contributor for you can follow Nick at @NickGemelli on Twitter.

    Follow @Toucherandrich on Twitter, @Toucherandrichofficial and @fredtoucher on Instagram to keep up with the show!

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