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Felger & Mazz

Felger & Mazz

A roughing the passer call on John Franklin-Myers took a pick-6 off the board for the New York Jets and ultimately led to the Patriots getting a field goal to end the first half in their 22-17 victory. Following the game, the Jets seemed furious about the call. On Monday’s Felger and Mazz, Felger made it known that the Jets shouldn’t have been upset about the call.

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    Felger: You know just listening to the Jets in the postgame…they still don’t get it. They don’t get it! Like guys, they throw those flags now, do you not? Are you still fighting this? Like, how stupid is this? Just give me the Salah, you know, audio that you had there, Jimmy. Robert Salah (Jets Head Coach) after the game.

    Robert Salah: Did you get an explanation? Yeah. He was hit too hard.

    Felger: Stop. Yeah, you hit him too hard. Yup! Exactly. Don’t you understand now, dummy, that if you hit a quarterback too hard, they throw the flag? Is this one of these hardos, like “put a skirt on him”. Like, what are you? Have you not been paying attention the last two weeks? Two months? Two years? Five years? Have you just woken up to this? “Yeah, he hit him too hard!” Yes, Robert, dummy! He hit him too hard! You can’t hit the quarterback too hard. What don’t you understand? Continue.

    Robert Salah: Yeah. He was hit too hard.

    Reporter question: Are you talking about. Did he do something wrong?

    Robert Salah: John Franklin-Myers (JFM) has to to be better. You know, it doesn’t matter. You know, do something. It’s 17-3 going into the locker room to 10-6, and they got the ball, lapped us, gained another score, another touchdown, just a critical exchange. We can say it’s JFM’s fault, we can complain, it doesn’t matter, it happened. And at the end of the day, we’ve just got to be better.

    Reporter question: What is the coaching point now? That they have to be better? What is the coaching now.

    Robert Salah: I’ll hopefully get a good explanation on Wednesday.

    Felger: No, no, no, no, no. You need an explanation? Why do you need an explanation? Dummy! If you hit the quarterback too hard, they’re throwing the flag. Like that drives me nuts when I hear these coaches and these teams complain about the roughing the passer call, especially when the ball is out.

    Jim Murray: This is the thing. You can fix it in four words. How to coach it: “ball out, hold up”. There you go.

    Felger: And I know that’s hard. It’s easier said than done. But the one that I do feel the other side has the case is when the quarterback has the ball. The Pat Mahomes one two weeks ago, the Tom Brady one two weeks ago, I think the first one on Mac Jones when he was running for the first down, that’s harder. If the ball is out and you hit the quarterback too hard, Robert, they’re going to throw the flag. You need an explanation? Have you just started to pay attention? L ike this drives me bananas. Because we as fans, it drives us bananas, but we understand. We got it. We get it. Don’t touch the quarterback! Don’t touch him! But it’s like, “oh, he hit him too hard!” Yup. He hit him too hard. He hit him too hard, coach. Yeah, that’s exactly it. You really need to wait till Wednesday? God. Like I hear coaches and teams do this all the time. Hey, dumbasses! This is how they’re calling it up. Franklin Myers himself is only marginally better. What was his reaction?

    John Franklin-Myers: They called it, you know, my opinion don’t matter.

    Reporter question: Did you you ask for an explanation?

    John Franklin-Myers: I man, an explanation is not going to reverse the call. So you got to, you know, move on from that and play football.

    Felger: What’s the explanation? You hit him too hard. The ball was out and you hit him too hard. And you launched a little bit and it was a little high. And it was, I don’t even know if it was late, but whatever. Don’t touch the guy! Don’t don’t leave your feet and hit him high after he throws the ball! Are you just starting to play? Is this your first week? And when the teams do this, is this your first week playing the game? You dumbasses! Oh, the Jets!

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