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The NFL has come up with a resolution to the end of the season following the cancellation of the Bills and Bengals game from Monday night. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Cincinnati Bengals disagree with the ruling. On Friday’s Felger and Mazz, Felger agreed with the Bengals and is against the resolution.

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    Felger: I’m sorry, I’m with Cincinnati. I’m with Cincinnati. So, they get the first place schedule, but they don’t get a first place playoff seeding? Sorry, that’s not right. That’s not right and, you know, they were bitching about it last night, Cincinnati was. Cincinnati’s vice president, Kate Blackburn, she was on the competition committee. In a memo obtained by ESPN’s Seth Wickersham, Blackburn urged the committee members to vote against the scenarios. She said the proper process for making rule changes is the off-season. It’s not appropriate to put teams in a position to vote for something that may introduce bias, favor one team over another, or impact their own situation when the vote takes place immediately before the playoffs. She’s 100% right.100% right.

    Jim Murray: Something like this needs to be figured out after the fact. Just go with what you have on the rulebooks currently and then you can discuss it when the season is over.

    Felger: Beetle tells me the Ravens voted against it too? I don’t know why the Ravens would. To me it’s like the Ravens have lost the division yet they have a chance to play at home? And I don’t want to hear about the head to head. So what if they beat them both times head to head? Head to head is a tiebreaker. It’s not the determining factor. The determining factor is the record.

    Jim Murray: Right the percentage, the winning percentage.

    Felger: In 2012, you lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the regular season. Who hosted that AFC championship game?

    Jim Murray: 2012 Patriots.

    Felger: Patriots did. Now they lost it. But they lost the head to head, “(mocking fans) ohhh they had a better record, so it doesn’t matter they lost head to head”. Okay. Right. Exactly. You had a better record than the Ravens, you hosted the AFC title game. They beat you in the regular season. Who cares? The next year, I believe it was the next year, you beat Denver head to head, they hosted the AFC Championship game. They had a better record. It’s record. The the head to head thing is just a tiebreaker. The rule states that the record determines it. So, you know, yes, Kansas City lost to Cincinnati and Buffalo head to head. They have a better record. They are the one seed. They should get a bye and host the thing. And so I wouldn’t have voted for it. I wouldn’t have.

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