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Cincinnati Bengals defensive end, Joseph Ossai, got a flag for unnecessary roughness on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, late in the AFC Championship game on Sunday. The flag ultimately put the Chiefs in field goal position and helped them win the game and head to the Super Bowl. On Monday’s Felger and Mazz, Felger and Jim Murray gave their thoughts on the flag and disagreed on the call.

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  • Jim Murray's Thoughts on the play

    Jim Murray: The second game I think is the story of the week. And the first one wasn’t all that entertaining. I’m glad the Eagles won because eff the Niners and I think Kyle Shanahan is a bit of a fraud. We’ll get to that later. But the late hit out of bounds that we just played I think is going to be the story of Bengals-Chiefs. Like I don’t know how you don’t call that. Like you want to get into some of the other dubious calls that went against Cincinnati in that game, I’m with you, but on that one you have to call that. That was a clear personal foul. Mahomes was out of bounds. And I think the more egregious thing that happened to Cincinnati they did to themselves, their decision to punt the ball directly down the middle of the field with like 38 to 40 seconds left, that’s the story. That’s like what the Jets did, what their mistake with the Patriots and the walk off punt return to Marcus Jones. That was that bad of a mistake, but people want to look at this and strictly blame the officials for why the Bengals lost that game. I think the Chiefs rightfully won it. Yeah, they got some calls. But that one you absolutely have to call it. I usually don’t want games decided by the officials but that one is so egregious it has to be called. And I think the bigger story that we’re overlooking is that punt right down the middle by the Bengals.

  • AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs

    KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – JANUARY 29: Joseph Ossai #58 and Zach Carter #95 of the Cincinnati Bengals tackles Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the fourth quarter in the AFC Championship Game at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium on January 29, 2023 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

  • Felger's Thoughts on the Call

    Felger: So I’m a “don’t throw that flag” guy.

    Jim Murray: No kidding.

    Felger: Yeah, don’t throw that flag there. And we’re going to talk about the LeBron-Celtics play over the weekend, where they absolutely should have called it, and you guys said, “well, that’s incongruous Felger, like if it’s a foul to foul when you call them the first quarter, you call them the last quarter”, you know, that’s not consistent and I disagree. The late hit was immaterial to the play. The yards were already gained. So he was out of bounds, at whatever that would have been the 38. The play came when he was out of bounds. It’s just hard to explain, though.

    Jim Murray: You think the play was over?

    Felger: And I’m sure by 4 hours, I’ll be able to articulate it well for you. But, you know, without the foul on LeBron, if the foul on LeBron didn’t happen, the ball’s going in. If the foul on Mahomes didn’t happen, he’s still out at the 38. You know what I mean? The play was already done so I guess that’s maybe how it breaks down. It’s after the play. He was already out of bounds.

    Mazz: Okau, but that is true of almost every time a quarterback gets hit late. Like a guy’s sliding and someone comes down and hits him, the play’s basically over. He’s not gaining more yardage. They still call it. You can’t hit the quarterback. It was a penalty. So I don’t like the bitching. I mean, I’m not taking you are…..

    Felger: I’m just telling you, if I were that back judge I woludn’t have thrown the flag. I don’t know. I am that guy. I don’t want games decided like that. He was out of bounds. The play was over. He had gained his yard. So that’s the distinction.

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