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Discover the captivating allure of the North Shore of Massachusetts, a hidden gem renowned for its coastal towns and delectable seafood offerings. Nestled along the scenic coastline, this idyllic region beckons travelers with its picturesque vistas and a culinary scene that delights the senses.

From the historic splendor of Salem to the quaint charm of Newburyport, the North Shore unveils a tapestry of postcard-worthy destinations. Immerse yourself in the rich maritime heritage as you stroll along the sandy shores and take in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Indulge in a gastronomic adventure as you savor the freshest catches of the sea, from succulent lobster and mouth watering clams to melt-in-your-mouth oysters. Whether you seek a serene beach retreat or a food lover’s paradise, the North Shore of Massachusetts promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of New England’s coastal beauty.

Here are 5 of my Smokin’ Hot Tips of the best dining spots in the North Shore:

  • Woodman's of Essex

    119 Main St, Essex, MA


    Photo: Sports Hub

    Woodman’s is an iconic seafood shack that claims to have invented the fried clam. They serve a variety of fresh seafood dishes, including their famous fried clams, lobster rolls, and clam chowder.

  • The Blue Ox

    191 Oxford St, Lynn, MA

    The Blue Ox

    Photo: Sports Hub

    The Blue Ox is a modern American restaurant located in Lynn. They offer a diverse menu with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and creative preparations. Their dishes range from seafood to steak and their Sin Burger is one the best burgers you can stuff into your face. It’s got Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, truffle aioli, Swiss cheese and won “Boston Magazine’s “Battle of the Burger” in 2013, 2014, and 2015”

  • The Lobster Shanty

    25 Front St, Salem, MA

    Lobster Shanty

    Photo: Sports Hub

    Located in historic Salem, The Lobster Shanty is a cozy seafood restaurant known for its lobster dishes. They serve a variety of seafood options, including clam chowder, lobster bisque, and baked stuffed lobster.

  • Ledger Restaurant

    125 Washington St, Salem, MA

    Ledger Restaurant also in Salem is another favorite of mine. Fine dining in an historic building, it’s an old bank, featuring some of the freshest and best seafood Salem has to offer. Raw bar is top notch and the tuna tartare is a must try.

  • Turner's Seafood

    506 Main St, Melrose, MA & 43 Church St, Salem, MA

    Turner's Seafood

    Photo: Sports Hub

    Turner’s Seafood is a family-owned seafood restaurant with locations in Salem and Melrose. They offer a wide selection of seafood dishes, including raw bar options, clam chowder, fish and chips, and seafood platters.

    Plus, if you’re looking for a dessert after visiting any one of these places we’ve listed, you can pair food with Fried Ice Cream from Kynd, available at AYR.

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