Toucher & Hardy

Toucher & Hardy

Dan Roche from CBS Boston is here to help Fred Toucher his new co-host for the morning show!

Dan Roche

Dan Roche in-studio (credit: Nick Gemelli)

Two weeks ago, one of the hosts of the highly successful morning radio show “Toucher & Rich,” on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Boston’s home for the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics, officially announced their decision to go their separate ways, with Rich Shertenlieb departing from 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Fred Toucher made the announcement on a Friday morning, underscoring the show’s goal of securing a new co-host by the beginning of the new year.

As the quest for a replacement unfolds, speculation is rife regarding who will step into Shertenlieb’s role alongside Fred Toucher. Jim Murray, previously considered a potential replacement, has already ruled out embracing the “miserable” morning hours and says he’s “comfortable and happy” as the third chair on highly successful afternoon show “Felger and Mazz.”

Regardless of who assumes the position, CBS Boston’s Dan Roche has outlined five qualities he believes the new co-host should possess.

  • 1.) New co-host should be a kind human being


    (Credit: Getty Image)

    Being kind is crucial for the new co-host, creating a positive atmosphere between hosts and a friendly connection with listeners during the morning show. It sets the tone for a respectful working relationship and a genuinely welcoming broadcast.

  • 2.) Sense of humor


    casual businessman and woman talking and laughing in loft office (Getty Images)

    a great sense of humor is essential for the new co-host, bringing laughter and enjoyment to the morning show. It ensures a lively and entertaining atmosphere, making the broadcast engaging for both hosts and listeners.

  • 3.) Must like sports


    A young man waits patiently to get into the baseball game. (Getty Images)

    adding enthusiasm and knowledge to discussions on the morning show. It ensures a natural connection with the sports-focused context of the broadcast, making it more relatable and enjoyable for the audience.

  • 4.) Understanding Fred

    fred toucher

    “Knowing Fred well is important for the new co-host, ensuring smooth communication and a strong working relationship during the morning show. It helps create a harmonious dynamic and contributes to the overall success of the broadcast.”

  • 5.) Loves Disney World


    LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – FEBRUARY 03: In this handout photo provided by Disney Parks, Super Bowl XLVII MVP Malcolm Smith of the Seattle Seahawks participates in his parade at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort on February 3, 2014 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. A linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, he helped to lead the team to a 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Smith is the first defensive player to appear in one of the iconic “I’m Going to Disney World!” commercials. (Photo by Matt Stroshane/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

    “Loving Disney World is a key trait for the new co-host, adding a cheerful and relatable element to the morning show. It brings a positive and enjoyable vibe that resonates with both hosts and listeners.”

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