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Ever wonder what gifts to get the doomsday prepper in your family so they have a merry apocalypse Christmas!

During this morning’s show, Fred Toucher discussed an advertisement targeting doomsday preppers  from a company called “My Patriot Supply”. The ad suggests that despite the government’s assurances, Americans should be prepared for a doomsday scenario.


The guys question the mentality of self-reliance and skepticism prevalent in society. Then the focus turned on some of the items on the site, like the LifeStraw, which is presented as a lightweight water purifier for survival situations. Fred questions the practicality of the LifeStraw and expresses a preference of dying in a post-apocalyptic world. They also highlight some of the other products on the website, such as emergency food kits, seed vaults, 600 hour candles and much more.


Gas Mask

23rd August 1938: A pre-war family use respirators at the Empire Pool, Wembley, London. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)


With Christmas just around the corner, we, at the morning show (new show January 4th), are here to help you get the perfect gift for your family member who’s also a doomsday prepper.


  • 1.) Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Tablets (130mg, 60ct)

    Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Tablets (130mg, 60ct) - My Patriot Supply

    KI is a thyroid blocker. Take these 130mg tablets only as directed by authorities or your medical professional. Each factory-sealed bottle has 60 tablets.


    BE PREPARED FOR A NUCLEAR DISASTER Be prepared for nuclear disaster with anti-radiation tablets.

  • 2.) Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

    Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System | Gravity Fed Water Filtering - My Patriot Supply

    A revolutionary gravity-powered water filtration system that reduces 200+ contaminants from any fresh water source.

    This Filtration System is the ultimate solution for filtered water when surviving the apocalypse

  • 3.) Large Deluxe Thermal Blanket by Ready Hour

    Deluxe Thermal Blanket | All-Purpose Blanket | Emergency Survival Gear - My Patriot Supply

    Get instant warmth & shelter with the Deluxe Thermal Blanket by Ready Hour. Blocks harsh elements. Great ground cover, overhead shelter & heat-reflecting blanket. Get yours!


    It’s a blanket, shelter, ground cover, and more—all in one!

  • 4.) 72-Hour Kit Sample Pack (2,000+ calories/day)

    Ready Hour 72-Hour Survival Food Kit - Emergency Food Storage - My Patriot Supply

    This 72-Hour Survival Food Kit provides a sampling of foods for short-term survival. For your home, go-bag, cabin & hiking. Up to 25-year shelf life! Meals in resealable pouches.

    This sample pack provides 4 different food varieties and 20 servings of storable food for one person. Sweet!

  • 5.) 3-Month Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day)

    Three Month Emergency Food Supply, 2,000+ Calories A Day - My Patriot Supply

    This food storage supply comes in 6 large buckets and provides breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks and snacks that last for years. 90 days of food, 2,000+ calories a day.

    This 3-month supply of food gives you 22 food varieties in thick  packaging for long-term. You’ll be all set for the apocalypses!

  • 6.) Survival Seed Vault (100% heirloom, 20 varieties) by Patriot Seeds

    Survival Seed Vault (100% heirloom, 20 varieties) by Patriot Seeds - My Patriot Supply

    Grow your survival garden w/ the original 100% Heirloom seed vault from Patriot Seeds. Large variety of 20 types of seeds. Lasts 5 years or more in storage.


    Get ready to take control of your food supply with this vault of seeds! You’ll be sure to the last man (or woman) on the planet!

  • 7.) 100-Hour Candle by Ready Hour (6-pack)

    6-pack Emergency Candles, Ready Hour 100 Hour Candles, Made in the USA - My Patriot Supply

    This 100 Hour Candle is a cost-effective light source for emergency and survival situations. Burns clean, is odorless and smokeless. Adjustable wick for more light.

    Ready Hour 1-00-Hour Candle we’ll keep you doomsday party lit for days!

  • 8.) 4-in-1 Emergency Solar Flashlight & AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio w/ Hand Crank by Ready Hour

    4-in-1 Emergency Solar Flashlight & AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio w/ Hand C - My Patriot Supply

    An amazing unit. Super-bright LED flashlight and room reading light with AM/FM/NOAA Weather radio. Charge small electronics with hand crank, solar, USB.

    An AM/FM/radio, LED flashlight, 4 LED room light and a cell phone/USB device charger. Did I mentioned it’s all one thing?!

  • 9.) Canned Heat+ & Cooking Fuel (3-pack) by InstaFire

    Canned Heat 3-Pack | Canned Cooking Fuel - My Patriot Supply

    Get InstaFire 6-Hour Canned Heat cooking fuel today! It's proven safe for indoor use. Make multiple meals, heat water, or warm a room. Flame lasts 6 hours.

    InstaFire 6-Hour Canned Heat is proven safe for indoor use and won’t spill. PLUS, Six-hour of burn time!

  • 10.) Alexapure Emergency Water Bank with Pump (65 gallons)

    Alexapure Emergency Water Bank with Pump (65 gallons) - My Patriot Supply

    The Alexapure Emergency Water Bank solves almost every headache that comes with stockpiling water. It saves you money and space, and stores more than a standard 55-gal. barrel.

    This water bank solves almost every headache that comes with stockpiling water: Saves Money, Saves Space and is long lasting!

  • 11.) Pocket Plasma Lighter with Flashlight by InstaFire (100 lumens)

    Pocket Plasma Lighter with Flashlight by InstaFire (100 lumens) - My Patriot Supply

    The Pocket Plasma Lighter with flashlight takes up almost no space and gives you fire wherever you need it. The dual-arc plasma stream lights in wind, rain, and snow.

    Marketed as a strong, reliable lighter, this lighter is the new generation of electronic lighters.

  • 12.) Aquamira G2O Water Filtration Bottle (Removes Protozoan Cysts, Bacteria, & Viruses to EPA Standards)

    Aquamira G2O Water Filtration Bottle - My Patriot Supply

    This reusable G2O water bottle treats lake, river, tap water, and more, creating filtered drinking water. Verified to reduce viruses, parasites, bacteria.


    A filter bottle for hiking OR for your bug-out bag, this bottle can be used on nearly any freshwater source.


  • BONUS: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness

    LifeStraw Water Filter | REI Co-op

    Filtering water on ultralight adventures just got a whole lot easier. The LifeStraw water filter lets you safely sip straight from the stream or lake without any pumping, squeezing or filling.

    This is apparently one of the lightest filters available and takes up little space in your bug-out bag!

  • Nick Gemelli is a Producer for the Toucher and Rich program and contributor for you can follow Nick at @NickGemelli on Twitter.

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