Boston Bruins

Matt and Ty are talking Super Bowl – not the game itself, but all the annoying hot takes surrounding it.

Tom Brady is back in the big game and one of the worst Patriots debates in recent memory keeps getting worse. But first, the guys dive into the NHL’s COVID problem and how it affects the Bruins (21:52). The B’s are coming off an epic comeback win over the Capitals. Matt & Ty go over the team’s biggest improvements at both forward and defense at this point in the season (26:17). Finally, it’s Super Bowl time – more specifically, time to clap back at Danny Amendola for his hot takes about the Patriots and Bill Belichick (51:00). Amendola and former Patriot Willie McGinest have two completely different perceptions of “The Patriot Way” – and what even is, the Patriot Way, if anything? (58:27) The Patriots continue to have new quarterback options emerge in both free agency and on the trade market, but is there anyone they can get without a major flaw? (1:03:10)

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