Sports Hub Sidelines: Tom Brady 'guesses', Bruins post-trade deadline, Jayson Tatum, and scary movies

Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson cover a wide range of topics on this week’s episode of the Sports Hub Sidelines. First Matt and Ty get their traffic rants out of the way before taking a deep dive into the Bruins post-trade deadline, including their stinker of a game against the Flames and the potential impact of Nick Ritchie and Ondrej Kase (2:40 - 19:05). After that, they discussed Jayson Tatum’s rise to stardom and how close (or far) he really is from making the Celtics an NBA champion (19:05 - 27:15).

The NFL’s new playoff format comes up and the guys do not agree on it at all (27:15 - 38:30). They take a brief detour into the terrifying hellhole that is the Tom Brady watch, and why it’s mostly nonsense and guesses at this point (38:30 - 42:05). To close the show, they go over movie moments that scared them as kids, and Matt’s irrational fear of … frogs? (42:05 - 57:03). But before they head out, the final minutes circle back to the Bruins and Patriots and what to expect on

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