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Video: Jaybeau Cut The Tree Tutorial

Time for the annual Jaybeau Cut The Tree Tutorial. Well it's that time of year that I pull out my lumberjack roots, and share my extensive skills on how you cut down your Christmas tree! Fresh Cut VS Artificial We are a fresh cut tree, family. It started with my Dad. I need the scent of a fresh cut tree each year. It's not Christmas to me, without the pine kneedle, sap smelling mess, we call Christmas. Each year, I look forward to hitting the tree farm and asking the young bearded attendant: Jaybeau: Son, find me a tree that represents who I am.  Bearded Attendant: Sir, we don't sell fake... Tips To Keep The Tree Fresh According to tree experts at Viewpoints: Buy a big enough stand Make sure your tree stand is big enough for the tree and the water it will need. Water, water, water Always keep fresh-cut trees in water. Don’t add sugar, Sprite or any other additives, according to longtime Christmas tree farmer Damian Prause. He recommends watering trees twice a day, and even more often than that, in the beginning if you notice the tree drinking more water. Location is key. Don’t place your tree in a window where it will get full sun. That will dry out the tree faster. Jaybeau added tip: Ask the attendant to make a fresh cut at the bottom. It helps the tree drink better at home. Ok here we go! Time for the Jaybeau Cut The Tree Tutorial! Merry Christmas!!   

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