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Can Your Stomach Actually Explode If You Eat Too Much?

Can Your Stomach Actually Explode If You Eat Too Much? Loosen your belts, because we're asking the SCARY questions this holiday season. And this question is as wild as that weirdo ambrosia your aunt insists on bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. Can Your Stomach Actually Explode If You Eat Too Much? Can you eat so much on Thanksgiving that your stomach blows out like a tire on 93 South? First things first, our stomachs aren't made of rubber. They have limits. And while the idea of a full-blown stomach explosion might be the stuff of cartoon nightmares, it's not really a thing in real life. You're not a human Thanksgiving balloon ready to pop. “For the vast majority gathering around the Thanksgiving table, a much more realistic concern is overeating and the uncomfortable feelings that go along with it: Abdominal discomfort, bloating, heartburn and indigestion are common symptoms,” NYU Langone gastroenterologist Dr. Balzora wrote in the Washington Post. The New York Post wrote: "The medical term for a person’s stomach turning into a digestive IED is called a gastrointestinal perforation. This can impact the stomach, large, or small intestine, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Likely causes include ingesting harmful substances like corrosive chemicals or sharp objects, a clogged colon, a gunshot wound or a complication during a medical procedure. Symptoms might include severe abdominal cramping and bloating." When you chow down on that second (or let's be honest, third) helping of mashed potatoes, your stomach stretches to accommodate the food baby you're cultivating. It's like a temporary expansion project, courtesy of your digestive system. But, and this is a big but, there's a limit to the stretchiness. Picture your stomach as a cozy studio apartment – it can only fit so much furniture before things get cramped. Eating beyond your stomach's cozy capacity might make you feel like you're auditioning for a balloon animal contest, but it won't turn you into a human firework. However, let's not dismiss the post-Thanksgiving discomfort. Your stomach may rebel against the feast, staging a protest that involves loud gurgles and groans. It's not exploding, but it's definitely throwing a bit of a tantrum. Now, it's crucial to know your own limits. If you're feeling like you might rival the Goodyear blimp, it's time to hit the brakes on the buffet. Nobody wants to spend the holiday clutching their belly and regretting that fifth slice of pumpkin pie. While the idea of a stomach explosion might be amusing to think about, don't worry: Your body has a fail-safe – it's called "I'm full, stop shoveling food into me." So, this Thanksgiving, enjoy the feast, savor the flavors, but remember, your stomach is not auditioning for a blockbuster explosion scene. So don't push it.

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