Mazz: Careless Red Sox Look Like They Couldn't Care Less

Let’s say this part clearly, too: the Red Sox don’t want to win as much as they did a year ago. That doesn’t mean they stink. It just means that the edge they played with a year ago is completely gone – at least for now – and we have no choice to believe that the issues relate directly to last year’s World Series victory, which the Red Sox seem to be holding onto as if they never need to let it go.

No. 9 Spot Does It For Red Sox In 2-1 Win Over Phillies

Red Sox starter Rick Porcello was straight-up rolling through the Philadelphia lineup after seven innings on the mound. Bouncing back from a nightmarish start in Toronto last week -- it was there that Porcello surrendered two home runs and seven earned runs in just four innings of work --  the sinker-throwing righty was thriving against…