Toucher and Rich: NFL Wild Card recap, Ty Anderson talks Bruins, and The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour: Ty Anderson from 985TheSportsHub.com joins the show in-studio to talk all things Bruins and his latest Twitter beefs. More from the NFL Playoffs, including reactions to Cody Parkey's missed field goal for the Bears. The Stack features some of the more questionable tweets from the weekend, and a Golden Globes recap.

Toucher and Rich: Jim Irsay Postgame Speech & Ray Lewis Pumped Everyone Up Pregame (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Jim Irsay wanted more from the Colts after the win in Houston.  ESPN issues an apology.  Are you Worse than Brady?  You could win tickets to this week's game.  Ray Lewis pregame speech pumped everyone up!  T&R go over Cody Parkey's missed field goal.

Toucher and Rich: Troy Brown On Awkward Fan Moments, Patriots Coaching & This Week's Game (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Troy Brown joins Fred & Rich in-studio for the hour.  Troy talks about kickers missing, awkward fan moments, and playoff bye weeks.  He busts Wallach's balls about his teeth.  Troy also goes over the Patriots coaching situation and the upcoming game with the Chargers.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Foles Wins Again & Kyrie Returns Tonight (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Nick Foles wins again as the Eagles beat the Bears in Chicago.  Cody Parkey lost the game after missing a field goal.  But it looks like it was tipped.  Philip Rivers and the Chargers are heading to Foxborough to face the Patriots after beating Baltimore.  

Toucher and Rich: Danny Ainge Caught Ridiculous Heat For Lebron James Comments (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Danny Ainge was on the Toucher and Rich show yesterday.  He is catching some ridiculous heat for his comments on Lebron James, saying he's the greatest.  Did anyone read or listen to his actual comments?  We suspect no.  Bill Walton wants an interesting head coaching candidate at UCLA.  NBA All-Star balloting is…

Toucher and Rich: Bert Breer Talks Josh McDaniels, Cleveland Browns (Hour 2)

On this hour: Bert Breer from MMQB joins Fred and Rich in-studio for the second hour of the show.  Fred think Josh McDaniels is a coward for not taking a head coaching job already.  Does Bert agree?  Where will McDaniels end up?  Bert also discusses the up and coming Cleveland Browns.  Plus, Gronk is a…

Toucher and Rich: Bruins Win Despite Slow Start (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Will Brandon Meriweather call in today, like he's supposed to?  The Bruins beat Calgary at home last night.  Despite a slow start, they rebounded with a 6-goal game.  Sullivan's Tap has reopened.  Did they put doors on the bathroom stalls?  Calls come in on going the bathroom doorless.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Danny Ainge updates us on the Celtics injuries (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Celtics President of Operations Danny Ainge joins the show.  Danny discusses the health of Kyrie Irving's eye.  Marcus Samrt and Marcus morris who both got hurt during last nights games.  Is Lebron james the greatest of all-time like he says?  T&R go over the Pittsburgh Steelers drama and the Stack.

Toucher and Rich: Bird Box & Mike Gorman (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Bird Box features bird blindfolded and discribing things he's touching in a box.  Mike Gorman joins the show and discusses the Celtics and says Tommy Hiensohn is doing well.  NFL Rating are in and they're very good.

Toucher and Rich: Bank Roll Boys & Will Anybody hire josh McDaniels? (Hour 2)

On this hour:  The bank Roll Boys come in-studio.  They discuss getting Rich stoned.  Then they discuss this weekends slate of NFL games and the National Championship game.  Will anybody hire josh McDaniels?  Calls come in 

Toucher and Rich: Death, Celtics and Steelers Drama (Hour 1)

On this hour:  There were many deaths yesterday.  The Celtics won without Kyrie.  Hayward had a great night.  Morris and Smart got hurt.  The Steelers are filled with drama and things don't seem to be getting better.  Mike Tomlin addressed the media and didn't have much of an update on Antonio Brown.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: Billy Jaffe In-Studio & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Billy Jaffe from NESN and the NHL Network comes in-studio to discuss the Bruins, his trip to South Bend, and what's going on with the Dallas Stars.  The Stack features Van Halen possibly getting back together and more!

Toucher and Rich: Gruden Mic'd Up & Should We Worry About The Celtics? (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Jon Gruden was mic'd up during Week 16's game against Denver.  He says "I love you" to his players a lot, and asks "Do you like Rock N Roll?"  Are you worried about the Celtics?  Rich thinks the team will be fine when it matters most.  The University of Texas mascot Bevo…

Toucher and Rich: Failed Weed Attempts, Troy Brown & Fred's Vacation (Hour 2)

On this hour:  Rich tried marijuana for the first time. It didn't go well. Troy Brown calls in and discusses who's the Patriots' toughest AFC matchup.  Troy talks about the defense and says he likes what he sees from the secondary. Plus, he can see Gronk retiring but not Tom Brady.  Fred talks about his vacation…

Toucher and Rich: Bruins Win The Winter Classic & Will Josh McDaniels Leave? (Hour 1)

On this hour:  A caller was very annoyed by Amy Lawrence during the holiday break.  The Bruins win the Winter Classic.  Weezer played and Cam Neely discusses Charlie McAvoy.  The Patriots are the #2 seed in the AFC.  Will Josh McDaniels be gone after the season?  There's a lot of drama with the Steelers.

Toucher and Rich: Celtic Win big

In the 3rd hour, Johnston and Flynn who are in for Toucher and Rich wrap up the creepy Kevin Spacey audio- really bad timing. Brian Robb from the BSJ joins the show to recap last night'w win and talk more about team morale and we touch on some news around the AFC and Tom Brady's…

Toucher and Rich: What are your expectations for the Pats (Hour 2)

In the 2nd hour Johnston and Flynn who are in for Toucher and Rich talk to Mark Daniels from the Providence Journal about what's going on with Tom Brady, whether he's injured, his thougths on how Bill is coaching this team and more. And, Kevin Spacey releases a ver poorly timed video

Toucher and Rich: A new colleague once fired Johnston and Celtics get a much needed win (hour 1)

Johnston and Flynn are in for Toucher and Rich this week. We open the show learning that the new headlines guy, Mike O'Brien, once fired Johnston from a job. We get you caught up with everything that happened last night around the NBA and assault with a ham will get you jail time

Toucher and Rich: What's next for the Pats

In the final hour Bob Socci joins Ryan and Michael Hurley to recap the game, offer his input on what he thinks is going on with Brady, Gronk and what to expect against the Jets. They also have some fun with some non sports talk! Happy Holidays to all

Toucher and Rich; To tip or not, that is the question. Plus some sports talk (Hour 3)

In this hour of Toucher and Rich, where Ryan Johnston and Michael Hurley fill in they talk about tipping etiquette, there are 2 things that make Michael mad and Bill sings Merry Christmas