The Baseball Reporters Podcast - Offseason: John Harper of the New York Daily News

In the latest offseason podcast of The Baseball Reporters, Mazz speaks with longtime New York Daily News reporter and fellow co-author John Harper about the positives and negatives of Derek Jeter, the biggest name in this year’s Hall of Fame ballot. The two also share their Hall of Fame thoughts on everyone from Andy Pettitte…

Mazz: How baseball is ruining Christmas

While other sports launch free agency with a frenzy of moves, news leaks and announcements, baseball is still delivering its mail via the Pony Express. And meanwhile, you end up spending Christmas focusing on something else.

The Baseball Reporters Podcast - Offseason: Dan Duquette

In the first offseason podcast of The Baseball Reporters, Mazz speaks with former big league general manager Dan Duquette about the process of devising and executing an offseason plan. They talk budget, needs and tampering.

Mazz: For Chaim Bloom, a tough job just got tougher

Somebody - or somebodies - must go. And we mean somebody (or more than one) from the group of Nathan Eovaldi ($17 million), David Price ($31 million), Chris Sale ($25.6 million) and, yes, Mookie Betts, the last of whom has a projected salary of $27.7 million next summer and will be a free agent at the end of the 2020 season.

Mazz: Has John Henry Had His Sights Set On Andrew Friedman All Along?

Know what I think? I think the Red Sox knew a year ago – or more – that Friedman was entering the final year of his contract and that he might want to come to Boston. Heck, they probably talked to him – or someone close to him – while the Red Sox were cleaning up on the Dodgers in the 2018 World Series. And that is probably why Friedman hasn’t agreed to new terms with the Dodgers.

The Baseball Reporters: Rick Porcello’s Time in Boston and Theo Epstein Shoots down Rumors about Returning to Red Sox

Tony Massarotti opened up the Baseball Reporters discussing Rick Porcello, his time with the Red Sox, and if he was worth the money.  Mazz also talked about Theo Epstein and his comments about the Red Sox rumors.