Mazz: The 2020 season proved that baseball should implement changes

But this isn’t about the Dodgers, the Rays or the World Series, per se. It’s about the state and future of baseball – assuming there is one. If 2020 just proved that 60 games is all we need, then maybe it’s time for baseball to take a good, hard look at what it can do to improve its product and adapt to the times.

Mazz: Mookie Betts continuing to star as Mr. Ought-tober

Meanwhile, Betts is now 2-for-14 in the NLCS (a .143 average). This postseason, in 40 plate appearances including 33 official at-bats, he has no home runs. The Dodgers have hit nine home runs in their current series and 11 in the postseason overall – but the man who tied teammate A.J. Pollock for the team lead with 16 during the regular season does not have a single one of them.

Mazz: Are the Red Sox worth the effort anymore?

Is Bloom the next Epstein – or at least something far closer to it than Ben Cherington or Dave Dombrowski? Maybe. Let’s hope so. Because while the Red Sox actually have won one more title than Epstein since his departure, they’ve lived an elevator existence that has brought their fan base to the exhaustive point of emotional detachment. At the end of the day, they’re just getting too hard to live with anymore.

The Baseball Reporters: Will Alex Cora Return As Red Sox Manager?

In the wake of the Ron Roenicke firing, Mazz examines the chances of Alex Cora returning as manager of the Red Sox. Why haven't the Red Sox publicly eliminated Cora's potential return? And does Chaim Bloom have the latitude to make the decision on his? Unedited answers from Bloom's Zoom press conference are included.

JD Martinez’s Performance This Season / Evaluating the 2020 Season

Tony Massarotti kicked off the season finale of the Baseball Reporters discussing comments made by JD Martinez and the expectations for the 2021 season. (00:30) More on JD Martinez and his future with the Red Sox (10:39) How will you look back at the 2020 season? (19:55)

The Future Red Sox Manager / John Tomase of NBC Sports Boston

Tony Massarotti opened up the show discussing the future of Boston Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke. Who do you want to manage next season? (00:32) Mazz brought in John Tomase, of NBC Sports Boston, to talk about the possible options for the new Red Sox manager. (14:36)