The Baseball Reporters Podcast - Offseason: Baseball Hall of Fame with Jack O'Connell

That voice on the other end of the phone? It's Jack O'Connell, the man who has made the phone call to 49 retired major league players over the last 20+ years to inform them that they have been elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He joins Mazz in the latest edition of The…

Mazz: You know what? Baseball sucks right now

Think about it: the NFL, NBA and NHL all have instituted changes in recent years to shorten delays, making the games faster, more entertaining. Meanwhile baseball can’t even get the pitchers to throw the ball. If pitchers like Price and Justin Verlander are going to give Manfred the finger when he talks about a pitch clock, what chance does the commissioner possibly have of getting the positional players to stop stealing signs?

Mazz: Cora has Red Sox, Henry, Bloom backed into a corner

Obviously, there’s a lot to address here, particularly as the Red Sox look to shed payroll under a first-time general manager who must think he just bought a ticket on the Hindenburg. David Price is chronically unhappy. Mookie Betts probably wants out. Your $80 million starting rotation remains an unknown and your manager is in the eye of a historic cheating scandal.

Mazz: Upon further review, Cora has to pay

Let’s make something clear here: organizational penalties are great and all, but they’re impersonal. The penalties always mean a little more when someone specific is paying the price. This brings us to Hinch and, more specifically, Cora, who is now starting to look downright devious.

The Baseball Reporters Podcast - Offseason: Red Sox Trade Rumors and Pitching Contracts

Mazz catches you up on all the latest developments during the Red Sox off-season, starting with the rumors of a Mookie Betts trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He also looks at the pitching market and the Red Sox pitching contracts.

The Baseball Reporters Podcast - Offseason: John Harper of the New York Daily News

In the latest offseason podcast of The Baseball Reporters, Mazz speaks with longtime New York Daily News reporter and fellow co-author John Harper about the positives and negatives of Derek Jeter, the biggest name in this year’s Hall of Fame ballot. The two also share their Hall of Fame thoughts on everyone from Andy Pettitte…

Mazz: How baseball is ruining Christmas

While other sports launch free agency with a frenzy of moves, news leaks and announcements, baseball is still delivering its mail via the Pony Express. And meanwhile, you end up spending Christmas focusing on something else.

The Baseball Reporters Podcast - Offseason: Dan Duquette

In the first offseason podcast of The Baseball Reporters, Mazz speaks with former big league general manager Dan Duquette about the process of devising and executing an offseason plan. They talk budget, needs and tampering.