Jon Lyons on Cam Newton's Potential

Jon Lyons of Dirty Water Media calls into the program and chats with Sylver and Sousa about the Patriots new era featuring Cam Newton.  How high can the former #1 overall pick bring the Patriots and how will the transition from the greatest of all time affect Newton and the offense?

Traffic Rant and Cam Newton Reaction

Sean Sylver is manning the night show tonight with Jones and Arcand working earlier in the day.  Before getting into the big news that is Cam Newton, Producer Mason Sousa had something to get off his chest to start the show.  Sylver then transitions and gives his take on the Patriots signing Cam Newton

The Stories of Paula Poundstone to Christian Arcand (Part 2)

Jones and Arcand react to the HUGE payoff of Paula Poundstone's Cameo to Christian Arcand in what was supposed to be a goodbye to Christian on the Adam Jones show.  So, of course, to say "goodbye" to Arcand, Paula Poundstone tells her 2nd of 2 "Red Sox" stories.

Would You Rather: Game of Jones - 07/01/20

DJ ALEXI is back in the flesh and ready to party.  He gets the good news involving Arcand later than most and does what he does best to celebrate.  Jones then goes over five hypotheticals to choose from including which contract you'd rather have, Tom Brady's or Bobby Bonilla's.

Michael Hurley on Cam Newton and the Patriots Punishment

Michael Hurley of CBS Boston Sports calls into the program and goes back and forth with Jones on how Cam Newton signing with the Patriots affects the team and gives his take on the Patriots punishment in Spygate 2 Electric Boogaloo.

Cam Newton More Fun than Tom Brady

Hall of Famer and former Patriots record-breaker Randy Moss believes the New England offense might be more fun with Cam Newton at the helm than with Tom Brady.  Jones and Arcand discuss what Moss actually means, if it's true, and if it correlates to win on the football field.

Cam Newton Might not Start?

Some NFL reporting is putting some cold water on the unanimous belief that Cam Newton is the surefire starting quarterback of the New England Patriots come September.  A head coach in the AFC East, according to Dianna Russini at ESPN, believes it will still be Jarrett Stidham leading the offense the time Week 1 rolls…