Ty Anderson in Studio on the Bruins Trade

Ty Anderson who breathes and sleeps everything hockey is in studio with Arcand and Joe Murray to discuss the breaking news tonight that has Charlie Coyle going to the Bruins for Ryan Donato and a 5th round pick.  Ty sticks around for another segment talking about how this move affects the young guys trying to…

Celtics @ 7: Kyrie Irving's Attempt at Being a Leader

Christian Arcand and Joe Murray go deep into Kyrie Irving's comments to Rachel Nichols during the All-Star break on him leading the young guys on the Celtics.  More All-Star break fallout from Kyrie, Kevin Durant, and Anthony Davis get sprinkled into Celtics @ 7 as well.

Breaking News - Charlie Coyle to the Bruins

We have breaking news as the show begins with Christian Arcand and Joe Murray in tonight.  As they initially start with Kyrie Irving and his attempts to lead the Celtics locker room, the guys give their knee jerk reactions to the news that Charlie Coyle from the Minnesota Wild will be wearing the black and…

Game of Jones - Over/Under 2-19-19

Tonight, Matt McCarthy and Christian Arcand play the Game of Jones - Over/Under. Arcand has to answer 5 questions about Manny Machado, Mookie Betts, Free Agnecy plans decided during All-Star break and impact moves the Bruins make at the trade deadline.

Marisa Ingemi Joins the Show to Talk Bruins Trade Deadline Possible Moves

Marisa Ingemi of the Boston Herald joined Arcand and they discussed possible moves the Bruins could make at the deadline. They debate if the team is a true contender. Finally they look at the teams 6 game winning streak.

Jared Weiss Talk about the Job Brad Stevens Has Done and if Any Lineup Changes Are Coming

Jared Weiss of the Athletic continues to join Arcand and discuss all things Celtics. The guys talk about Brad Stevens and what grade he should get this season. They also bring up the topic of lineup changes and if Marcus Morris could be headed for the bench.

2-19-19 Celtics @ 7 - Jared Weiss Live in Studio

Arcand is joined by Jared Weiss of the Athletic for Celtics @ 7. This weekend made the Tatum/Davis swap a whole lot closer to being a reality - anyone having second thoughts? Any cold feet on trading Tatum?  He had a pretty good weekend and he also is having a nice season even though his…

Boston Celtics - Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis at the All Star Game.

In the opening segment of the show, Arcand and Mccarthy are in for Jones. The guys discuss the big news at the All Star game this weekend pertaining to Kyrie and Anthony Davis. The guys think the biggest news of the weekend was Anthony Davis saying he would like to be traded to any of…

2-18-19 Game of Jones - Buy or Sell

Matt McCarthy and John Hamblett with help from the Captain Sean McElroy play the Game of Jones - Buy or Sell. The guys have to answer 5 questions centering around the Red Sox, Patriots and if the guys will be allowed back hosting the Jones Show.

Mike Shalin Joins the Show to Talk All Things Red Sox

Mike Shalin of The New Hampshire Union Leader and Official Scorekeeper of the Boston Red Sox joined Matt McCarthy and they discussed all things Boston Red Sox including should they lock up Mookie Betts and Chris Sale right now.

Time to Lock Up Mookie Betts Now

Matt McCarthy and John Hamblett are in for Jones and Arcand tonight. They open up the show saying now that Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are about to sign and now is the time to lock up Mookie Betts to a long term deal with the market set.

Christopher Smith Jumps on Show to Discuss Dustin Pedroia and the Red Sox

Christopher Smith of Mass Live joined the show to talk about Dustin Pedroia recent comments about coming back from his knee injury. They also discussed the Red Sox role in possible baseball collusion with Free Agents.