Jake Levin: "It’s Imperative the Patriots Pay Tom Brady”

Jake Levin of NBC10 Boston joins the show and gives his thoughts on what he’s looking forward to most in Super Bowl LIV.  In regards to the Patriots, Levin believes it’s crucial Belichick and Kraft try their hardest to keep all their core leaders who are free agents.  If a new deal is not made…

Matt Patricia is Mic'd Up and Letting Everyone Know

At the Senior Bowl Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia meets up with Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels at the Senior Bowl but before any conversation ensues he emphasizes to them that he is mic'd up.  What would an uncensored and unfiltered conversation between Belichick, McDaniels, and Patricia sound like?

Celtics @ 7: A Couple of Dominant Outings and East All Star Starters Announced

The Celtics were in a slump until they pulled off two dominant performances against the Lakers and Grizzlies.  Have the Green turned the corner?  The news of All-Star East Starters breaks during this segment and a Celtic gets some very good news.  Should the C's have 3 players playing the All-Star Game?

Adam Schefter on Brady and the Patriots

NFL Insider Adam Schefter is convinced the Patriots will be proactive in the uncertain weeks ahead of Tom Brady's impending free agency.  Would the Patriots make a decision at QB before Tom Brady does?  Jones and Arcand discuss as one of the biggest decisions in New England football history gets closer to being made.

THIS Team had a Calendar Year in Turmoil

Jones and Arcand are with you for five full hours and start off Thursday night discussing a team that might have dysfunctional days ahead of them.  With so much drama on and off the field the guys have concern for this team's near future.