Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors Beat the Celtics in Toronto

The Celtics go 1-1 to start the season after a 113-101 loss to the Kawhi Leonard led Toronto Raptors.  Leonard had a game high 31 points and big man Serge Ibaka tallied 21 as it was close with the C's until the final couple minutes.  Two games into the season, the Raptors and not the…

David Price Wins and the Red Sox are Going to the World Series

The Red Sox are back in the World Series for the first time in 5 years when they met the Cardinals.  David Price pitched a postseason gem and earned his first ever playoff win as a starter.  While Jones gives Price a slow clap for the performance last night... he stands firm in saying that…

Jones - The Red Sox Are Winning The World Series

Jones and Arcand start the show talking about the Red Sox and Astros Series. Jones thinks that the SOx are going to win the World Series now because everything is going their way. The guys also look at Jackie Bradley's recent hot streak.

Houston Astros Caught Cheating And Then MLB Clears Them Of Any Wrongdoing

Jones and Arcand discuss the problem of the Houston Astros being caught cheating and then Major League Baseball clearing them of any wrong doing. The guys ask how can this be? You will hear from Dave Dombroski who was clearly upset that MLB cleared the Astros.

Red Sox Win and Jackie Bradley Slams

The Boston Red Sox took a 2-1 series lead in Houston against the Astros tonight.  Jackie Bradley Jr. destroyed Jones' hopes and dreams with a towering Grand Slam in the 8th inning.  Jones had a reaction that Dong and it might surprise you.

Celtics Win on Opening Night Convincingly

The Celtics made easy work of the 76ers as the NBA regular season is underway.  Gordon Hayward completed his first official game for the Celtics and looked okay doing it.  Kyrie Irving had a dreadful night but depth all across the bench helped out the team to a big win on oepining night.

Celtics Opening Night Preview

It's finally here.  It's opening night in the NBA and for the Celtics at TD Garden against the 76ers.  Are these the two teams that will be there in the East Finals?  The Celtics starting 5 of Horford, Tatum, Brown, Hayward and Irving look to make Celtics histroy this season.

ICYMI With Christian Arcand 10-15

Tonight, Christian Arcand brings us ICYMI. He covers 3 stories, including a naked man and a shark, the Chiefs radio guys having a bit of beef with the Pats, and a former NFL player thinks the Eagles need to stop doing the dirty.

Monday Night Blitz Hour 2 - 10/15

In hour number 2 of the Monday Night Blitz, Jones continues to discuss the Pats/Chiefs and Sox/Astros games. Kevin Duffy of the Boston Herald joined Jones to talk about the Patriots victory over the Chiefs last night. Finally you will hear the Podium MVP.

Monday Night Blitz Hour 1- 10/15

It's the Monday Night Blitz, hour 1. Jones and Arcand discuss the Pats victory over the the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Red Sox victory in game 2 of the ALCS over the Houston Astros.  The guys also discuss why the Pats did a much better TV rating than the Red Sox.

Sean Pendergast Believes Astros Fans Have no Respect for the Red Sox

To get the Houston perspective heading into the ALCS weekend, Jones chats with Sean Pendergast of SportsRadio 610 in Houston, TX to discuss everything Astros and Red Sox.  The Astros fans apparently have not a fear in the world of making minced meat of the Sox and returning to the World Series.