A Jones Show Investigation into Fart Court

Late last night on the program there was a strange sound that made its way on air.  A full scale, no expenses spared, investigation is launched as the 2 accused (Jones and Arcand) make their case in Late Night Fart Court.

Brian Robb on the Boston Celtics One Week from the Regular Season

Brian Robb of the Boston Sports Journal joins the program to talk Boston Celtics.  He touches on the contract extension offered to Jaylen Brown and who he believes will be the starting big man for the C's to begin the season.  B Robb also gives his opinion on Tacko Fall and the possibility of him…

Carsen Edwards' Night, Jaylen Brown's Offer and Marcus Smart's Comments

Jones and Arcand give you a look into Boston's Green team with some remaining thoughts on Carsen Edwards going absolutely unconscious last night, Jaylen Brown's reported contract extension offer, and you know Jones will have a take on Marcus Smart giving his thoughts about the United States failed summer in the FIBA World Cup.

Jon Lyons on NFL Blockbuster Trades and N'Keal Harry Expectations

Jon Lyons of Dirty Water Media chats with Jones about actual NFL trades and the possibility of a Patriots significant trade.  He touches on the Jalen Ramsey trade and what that means for the values of other top corners in the lead including Stephon Gilmore.  Lyons also shares his expectations for N’Keal Harry when he…

Hypothetical Stephon Gilmore Trade

The Los Angeles Rams traded a haul to the Jaguars for Jalen Ramsey.  So Jones and Arcand debate if Stephon Gilmore would warrant such a hefty return and would Patriots fans accept two 1st round picks for their All-Pro cornerback.

Trading a 1st Round Pick for a Starter on Offense

Should the New England Patriots trade a high pick for an offensive starter?  The performance of the Patriots offense has a lot still to be desired.  With the possibility of this being the last year Tom Brady plays in Foxboro and the debatable track record of drafting 1st round picks, would it be wise for…