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Zolak & Bertrand: Tom Curran gives Patriots an F for the offseason (Hour 2)

In the second hour: Zolak and Bertrand react to the offseason grades from NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran and his harsh criticism of what the Patriots have done to improve their team. … Plus, Phil Simms spoke to the Boston Globe and shared his thoughts on how this unique offseason will impact the Pats.…

Zolak & Bertrand: 'Quarantine Scene', Travis Kelce plays the race card, and Today’s Takeaways (Hour 4)

In the final hour of Zolak & Bertrand: Gary Tanguay and DJ Bean are at it again with their "Quarantine Scenes" and enter the basketball movie world. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce explains why Patriots fans don’t like him and it’s a little puzzling. Why is he playing the race card in this situation? Your…

Zolak & Bertrand: The 'new normal' in sports, Jeff Frye calls in, and Zo playing in today’s NFL (Hour 2)

On this hour of Zolak & Bertrand, would a meal over $1,000 ever be worth it? Zo might be coming to terms with a “new normal” for sports and broadcasting. Also, former Boston Red Sox and agent/Fox Sports analyst Jeff Frye joins the show and speaks with the guys about going viral on social media…

Zolak & Bertrand: Quarantine Scenes, Today's Takeaways (Hour 4)

In the 4th and final hour, Zolak and Bertrand see what Gary Tanguay and company are up to in the latest Quarantine Scenes. Gary Tanguay wants to have dinner with Gisele Bündchen to see what makes her tick. And at the end of the hour, you can catch Today's Takeaways. 

Zolak & Bertrand: Richard Seymour, Fauci on Football, Tuukka Rask on NHL Return (Hour 3)

In hour 3, Zolak and Bertrand talked to Richard Seymour, who was recently selected as the 30th member to the Patriots Hall of Fame. Also, the latest from Dr. Fauci on football and Tuukka Rask on the NHL's return.