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Toucher & Rich: School Teacher Stories & Chris Forsberg discusses Celtics (Hour 3)

On this hour:  More calls come in on Teachers.  Chris Forsberg from NBC Sports Boston discusses the Celtics.  Could Kyrie sign a short contract?  Anthony Davis and Terry Rozier are discussed.  Details emerge of Kellen Winslow's disturbing behavior in NFL locker rooms.  Fred is going to have a full house this weekend and more

Toucher & Rich: Great high Schoo, Speech & Teachers drinking (Hour 2)

On this hour:  More updates and news are surfacing in the David Ortiz shooting.  Joe Haggerty calls in to discuss the bruins.  What will the do with Backes and what happened with Pasternak?  A girl called out the front office, a drunk teacher and others in her graduation speech.  Calls come in on teacher behavior. 

Toucher & Rich: Toronto Wins The NBA But Loves the Big Bang Theory the most (Hour 1)

On this hour: Fred opens the show after hearing the Amy Lawrence show.  A replacement is coming soon.  Toronto wins the NBA Championship after Klay Thomapson tears his ACL.  Draymond Green tried to save the game by calling a time out but golden State was out of time outs.  Kawhi Leonard was emotionless after the…

Toucher & Rich: Will Chara ride the rooster of doom again? (Hour 4)

On this hour:  The Curse of Dale Arnold continues.  Will Chara ride the rooster of doom again like he did after the 2013 loss?  What moves can the Bruins make this offseason and what other teams could contend in 2020?  The Stack features facial recognition and Kyrie Irving news.  Plus more!

Toucher & Rich: Sad Xanadude & Ty Anderson (Hour 3)

On this hour:  nick went out to the Garden after the bruins loss.  He caught up with a very sad Xanadude.  Xanadude calls in.  Ty Anderson finally shows up and says this loss was the worst of all the Bruins losses.  Where was tim thomas?  What happened to the first line?  Callers chime in on…

Toucher & Rich: Recaps & Jack Edwards Soliloquy (Hour 2)

On this hour: Nick went out to the Garden after the Bruins loss and spoke to fans.  One was looking for ribs.  T&R discuss the future of the Bruins and what will they do with Backes and Krug.  Where was Tim Thomas?  Rumors were swirling that he was waving the Bruins flag.  Jayson Tatum got…

Toucher & Rich: Bruins lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final (Hour 1)

On this hour: The Bruins lost and didn't look good.  Rumor had it Tim Thomas was going to be at the game.  Wallach had a source on it but wont give up the name.  T&R go over highlights and sound from the game.  Calls come in and many are blaming Rask for the loss.

Toucher & Rich: Billy Jaffe In-Studio & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Billy Jaffe from NESN and the NHL Network comes in-studio discusses Berube's comments saying they will be over the top physical in game 7.  Will Gryzelyk play?  Who's been the best player in the playoffs outside of Rask and more.  The Stack features The Raiders will be on Hard Knocks, Rich Paul…

Toucher & Rich: Mark Gemelli & Mike Behind The Mic in-studio (Hour 2)

On this hour: Everyone's favorite dad Mark Gemelli comes in-studio and discusses Tyler Faith and Nick gets very uncomfortable.  More people from the parking lot come in-studio including one who was trying to get inside the Blues head outside their hotel.  Mike Behind the mic Callahan comes in to perform 3 live songs, plus more!

Toucher & Rich: Last Night Was A Strange Red Sox Game (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Fred is annoyed with the people in the parking lot waiting for bruins tickets.  Everyone from the parking lot comes in-studio.  Pasta Joe sits in for what happened last night.  the Red Sox game was very strange.  Multiple ejections, an inside the park home run and umps changing their minds.

Toucher & Rich: Traffic, Judd Sirott & The Stack

On this hour:  A train derailed on the Red Line and traffic is a mess near the station.  Judd Sirott comes in-studio to discuss game 7 of the Stanley Cup final.  The Stack features Justin Beiber wanting to fight Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves hover hand & will anyone show up for the crossover because of…

Toucher & Rich: Game 7 Stanley Cup Ticket Announcement (Hour 2)

On this hour:  T&R have tickets to give away to game 7 of the Stanley Cup.  Find out how you can get involved.  Will Durant still opt out of his contract after suffering an achilles injury?  The Warriors GM Bob Myers cried like a baby in the post game press conference.  plus more!

Toucher & Rich: Would You Sell Your Game 7 Tickets? (Hour 1)

On this hour:  People are getting a ton of money for their game 7 tickets to the Stanley Cup final.  Would you sell your tickets for the right price?  David Ortiz has been flown to Boston for treatment and news is coming out on the details of why he was shot.  Former teammate Pedro Martinez…

Toucher & Rich: Ty Anderson & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Ty Anderson joins T&R in-studio.  He discusses his Twitter interactions from over the weekend and got a lot of heat for calling out his girlfriend for ordering vanilla ice cream.  Ty discusses bringing Krug back more.  The Stack features a new Ghostbusters movie is coming, Dartk Phoenix bombs and Jack Edwards is…

Toucher & Rich: Will Gronk be back with the Patriots in 2019? (Hour 2)

On this hour:  The city of St. Louis jumped the gun on winning the cup.  Billy Jaffe from NESN and the NHL Network joins the show and discusses the bruins win in game 6.  Plus Billy gives his thoughts on game 7.  Rich spoke to Rob Gronkowski over the weekend and came away with the…

Toucher & Rich: Bruins win game 6 & David Ortiz Shot (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Will Rask win the Conn Smythe even if the bruins lose?  T&R go over the bruins game 6 win and play sound in the locker room.  Bergeron used his words to pump the team up.  What will it sound like if Chara wins the cup?  David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican…

Toucher & Rich: Bruins Lose Game 5 In Controversial Fashion (Hour 1)

On this hour: The Boston Bruins lose Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals 2-1 after the officials opted not to call a tripping penalty on Tyler Bozak. We recap the game’s highlight, low lights and reactions from players and coaches about the 'egregious' errors by the refs.

Toucher & Rich: Mets Fans Are Furious At Tom Brady & Jake Debrusk calls in (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Mets fans are furious that Tom Brady wants to be called Tom Terrific.  They held a very sad rally and threw beans at a Brady jersey.  Bruins Jake Debrusk joins the show and discusses Chara, Playing with 7 defensemen and playing board games with Pasternak.  The Stack and more