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Boston Sunday Review: Judith Bowman

Executive Director, National Civility Foundation previews the 3rd annual Massachusetts Day of Civility happening on Saturday, November 17 and why a smile or a random act of kindness are increasingly important in a world where smart phones have replaced face-to-face communication and discourtesy pervades politics and popular culture.

Boston Sunday Review: Michael Goldman

Democratic Political Consultant who gives an analysis of the Midterm elections: What Democratic wins in the House, Republican gains in the Senate, and governor and legislature results from around the country will mean to the next two years of the Trump Administration and the 2020 Presidential Election.  

Boston Sunday Review: Mike Woldermariam

Mike Woldermariam, Professor of International Relations & Political Science at the The Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University  talks about African politics, Melania Trump’s African itinerary, Zimbabwe after Mugabe, South Africa after Zuma, and whether a new spirit of peace is sweeping Horn of Africa nations.