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Blame US for Tom Brady Leaving

It was us all along.  The media ran Tom Brady out of town and is why the relationships between Brady, Belichick, and Kraft got all messy.  We foolishly never offered Brady an extension on his contract years ago.  We didn't show him enough love and support and he's playing somewhere else because of it.  It's…

Are the Buccaneers a Serious Title Contender?

Tom Brady's most famous quote when asked what his favorite ring is he responds with "the next one."  So, is there a next ring in Tom Brady's career as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer?  Jones and Arcand discuss what the Bucs can do and also touch on Bill Belichick's statement after Brady said he'd be leaving…

Tom Brady Gets $50M Fully Guaranteed from Tampa

Jones and Arcand are back at it in their journey to the 25th hour this week of programming and start the Friday show reacting to Brady making it official and signing a 2 year $50 million deal that also has up to $9 million in incentives.  Could the Patriots have offered that to Brady or…

Would You Trade Julian Edelman?

Jones and Arcand question if Julian Edelman's production will drop without Tom Brady and the value of the soon-to-be 34 year old. Edelman also liked a tweet, posted by Deion Sanders saying that Brady without Edelman is "like Jordan without Pippen. Is he hinting that he wants to follow his buddy?