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This Week In Social Media with Christian Arcand: Influencer does coronavirus challenge, immediately gets coronavirus

On “This Week in Social Media” Arcand gets you caught up on all the latest in social media. The stories include people’s involvement in the latest push-up challenge and a story about a social media influencer getting Coronavrius due to a social media challenge.

Tyler Sullivan joins the show to talk Tom Brady and the NFL in the age of coronavirus

Tyler Sullivan of CBS Sports joins the show to discuss all things football. While on, Sullivan discuss the 2020 NFL season and if it can be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. He also discusses how it could affect the NFL draft, the OTA’s, and preseason. Plus, he hits on the Tom Brady free agency news.

Game of Jones: Would You Rather Wednesday

It’s a “Would You Rather” Wednesday on the Game of Jones. Jones takes his choices on topics that include the New England Patriots 2020 record, what baseball could look like when the season finally starts, a fullback or tight end question, a Red Sox 2004 ALCS question, and a Brady/Belichick question. 

Jon Lyons joins the show

Jon Lyons of Dirty Water Sports joins the show to talk football and the New England Patriots. Lyons hits on the Patriots in 2020, what the team could look like, and what to expect from the team. He also hits on if there’s a possibility of the Patriots tanking during next season to get a…