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Planning for the holidays can take a lot of time. And the stockings tend to be a last-minute ordeal. Sometimes you want something different than the usual stocking stuffers. And while socks and underwear are still fun and good, we thought we’d find you a few other items that will make great stocking stuffers. Check out 18 fun and unique stocking stuffers below.

  • Rocking Stocking Stuffer - Engraved Rock

    This touching (albeit cheesy) message makes the perfect addition to your stocking. Leave your family members in a chuckle while reading this polished black stone with gold lettering.  

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  • The Original Slinky

    Can’t go wrong with the original slinky. I still remember the first year I got a slinky. We played for hours, watching it go up and down the stairs. A holiday classic! 

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  • Scratch Art Holiday Mini Notes

    Leave special notes for coworkers, school mates or family on these nostalgic scratchboard art notepads. It even comes with a wooden stick so you’re not left with black all under your nails. Snaa pack of 125 sheets in holiday, rainbow, and other themes now. The holiday-themed double as ornaments. How cute! 

  • Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Deodorizer, 6 Pack

    Some things are just no fun to buy for yourself.  Gym bags or shoe deodorizers are on that list. This 6-pack of various sports balls helps fight the stench that is sure to flow from these places with this fun design and a way to smell fresher for up to six months.

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  • Holiday Pop Fidget Toy

    Fidget toys are all the rage this season. These holiday-themed shapes will be sure to entertain any age and come in a convenient four-pack to split between multiple stockings. Play games or relieve stress with this popping toy. 

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  • Oil Defuser

    Essential oils are the perfect way to unwind after the whirlwind of the holidays. This oil defuser is not only super affordable but comes in multiple colors, designs and gives the options to match your vibe. Fill with their favorite scents and relax in personal aromatherapy. 

    Snag One Here On Amazon
  • Bag Of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

    Of course, reindeer fart cotton candy! This sweet treat will be sure to get a smile out of any age and taste great too in a peppermint flavor. 

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  • The Original Toilet Night Light

    He’ll never miss the mark again. Or get woken up by bright bathroom fluorescent lights. Perfect for home or in your dorm room. Makes potty training fun. Comes in nine colors to choose from and adds ambiance to any bathroom. 

    Grab It Here On Amazon
  • Santa's Claws Telescopic Back Massager

    You know that spot on your back that you just cannot reach? Have no fear, your pal Santa Claws has your back…literally. Use this telescope design to reach the hardest spots to scratch and be festive while you are doing it. 

    Get One Here On Amazon
  • Jelly Belly Holiday Flavored Candy Beans Gift Box

    It’s like an entire dessert menu in a box of jelly beans! Gift these classic holiday-themed flavors and decide if they really taste like the real thing, even cranberry sauce. 

    Get Yours Now On Amazon
  • Shower Beer Holder

    Set the scene: warm water, relaxing scents (possibly from the oil defuser listed above), and an ice-cold beer…only nowhere to put it. This device saves the day and your beer by holding it for you, while you’re washing up. 

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • Reusable Hand Warmers

    We all know that one person who is always cold. Be eco-friendly and help that cold person thaw out with these handmade reusable hand warmers. Order deadline Dec 13th 

    Get It Here On Etsy
  • Custom 3D Popsocket

    Custom 3D pop socket helps make your phone more manageable to carry while adding some personalization to its design. You could even add a picture of Mom or Dad for your child to always have you with them. That will not embarrass them at allDoubles as a phone stand too.  

  • Reusable Silicone Straws

    Beat the plastic waste by gifting your family with their very own silicone straw. These eight packs come in assorted colors and an easy-clean design will help enhance any beverage and enough for most families to get 2 in their stockings.

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  • Burts Bee's 4 pack

    Another item you can never get enough of. Burts Bees will help fight any chapped lips with their natural recipe and pleasant scents.

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  • Holiday Mini Wet Brush

    This fresh winter design is great for a car, purse, gym bag, backpack, locker, desk drawer, and any on-the-go need you have. Use the Wet Brush on wet or dry hair for a pain-free detangling experience.

    Snag One Here On Amazon
  • AA Batteries 20 Pack

    Nothing worse than opening a brand-new toy and not having the batteries be included. Get ahead of the curve by having these handy. Even if you don’t need them today, you will soon enough. 

    Grab One Here On Amazon
  • Christmas Slipper Socks

    And of course, socks! These adorable warm socks will bring smiles to everyone’s face for your chilly early morning holiday present unwrapping.  

    Get Yours Now On Amazon

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