New England Patriots

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Zo noticed Matt Patricia was channeling Josh McDaniels with some of the Patriots run calls against the Steelers on Sunday.

  • There's a build taking place from week to week

    Scott Zolak: There wasn’t one run stuff yesterday. Against a pretty damn good aggressive front with Brian Flores helping them defensively. And they came after you. They did. They mixed it up. They played quarter coverage a lot, at the end of the game when they needed something and you had the ball with 6:21, they locked you up, they went man. They said we’re blitzing and they still couldn’t stop you. You converted there, you know, you ran the ball hard. You actually ran that zone run twice at the end of the game. You never did it the whole game and then you bring out the zone run. [Matt] Patricia on third and seven running a draw with [Rhamondre] Stevenson like that was a pretty good call. That’s stuff Josh [McDaniels] used to do. You want to feel great about something, let’s bang a run here because they’re dropping seven, they’re dropping eight. That was a good call. And Patricia spent a lot of time with the o-line yesterday. I’m watching a whole sideline operation. Now, granted, Billy Yates was down. He was up in the booth last week. That helped out. But what was the problem last week? The freaking offensive line. So obviously it was a point of emphasis. Let’s get our bleep right on the offensive line. There was a concerted effort to make sure things were right. That Matt spent time with them, and there were times where Belichick went over on one knee with Mac [Jones] in front of him and turned his back to the defense while the game’s going on. Twice, I remember two long extended conversations to make sure everybody’s on the same page. So that’s like the build week to week here. They were better than they were last week. They were. A lot better offensively on the line and the ability to run the ball. Like is that the fastball David Andrews is talking about?

    Beetle: Felt that way late.

    Zo: I can’t remember the last time they used to kill clock like that since [Tom] Brady was here.

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