New England Patriots

David Andrews talks to Zolak abnd Bertrand after training camp practice



  • Hardy: You were active on the sidelines. You were busy. It seemed like you were coaching up and, you know, very, very much involved to which we heard, oh, that’s just a normal thing, especially for a veteran player and a guy like David. But it seemed like you were maybe a little more involved than usual in that game on Thursday night.

    David Andrews: You know, I just was trying to help out in any way I could, you know, and how it was going right then. You know, Matty P. was, you know, juggling a lot. And then obviously Billy [Yates] came down later. So, you know, I was just trying to help out, talk it through. But no, I know I’m a player, man.

    Zo: You mentioned about getting better and progressing here and a lot was made … that you kept the guys out and gave them a talking to and I don’t know what went on after that. But how have things been since you addressed the team last week?

    David Andrews: I mean, I think each day has been better and better, you know, and I think, we’re starting to figure it all out and put it all together here and, had a pretty good day today. We go and correct what we got to correct and then obviously two big days coming up. So, yeah, you know, we’re just trying like I said, it’s training camp. There’s ups and downs just like the season. You just want to keep progressing. You don’t want to ride that way.