Boston Celtics

On Wednesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Celtics Head Coach Joe Mazzulla joined the show after winning last night’s season opener.

  • On coaching in Boston

    Hardy: Being the head coach of a team in Boston is an altogether different concept. So what were your initial thoughts when you realized this is what you were going to be doing this season?

    Joe Mazzulla: I mean, you know, being from here, I understand what the expectations are and I understand just how important sports are the city of Boston and to New England. So I look at it as more of a compliment. I think the fans here, I think the people here are very smart. I think there’s a standard. I think there’s an expectation that we should play too, and what we’re trying to achieve. So I look at it as a positive.

  • Maintaining the mentality from last season

    Scott Zolak: You mention that work. And to put it simple as this, seems like this team really works their ass off. And whatever transpired at the end of last year, that offseason and you know, obviously there’s gonna be a lot of talk this year about the two Js and how they interact with each other. Great night by them last night, but guys lifting after the game, you know with the game uniforms on. How important is it for them to continue this type of work ethic that they started since the end of last year?

    Joe Mazzulla: Well, I don’t think it started at the end of last year. I think it started throughout their career. I think you’re constantly growing, constantly learning, constantly returning. And you know, this team, there are individuals on this team that have been in the league a long time and they’ve been through a lot together. And so they understand what success is. They understand what failure is. They understand how to work at it every day. And so it’s just something that we’re constantly talking about is making sure we’re bringing the right mindset. Our guys do a great job of that.

  • Timeline hasn't changed for Robert Williams

    Beetle: Joe (Mazzulla), one final one for you. Robert Williams reportedly received a PRP injection in his knee, that came out yesterday. What’s his timeline looking like in your mind right now?

    Joe Mazzulla: You know, his timeline hasn’t been changed from what it was before. He’s doing a great job getting in treatment every single day and things are going according to plan.

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