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On Tuesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, the crew reacted to Jeremy Fowler’s note about the Patriots and Odell Beckham Jr. possibly being a match. Zo went out his way to say “there’s always a chance.”

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    Beetle: Your thoughts?

    Zo: I believe there’s always a chance, especially when you when you talk about Bill (Belichickj) that way or you’re wanting to play for him. Bill hears that. I think it’s back to the human part of it too. As much as we think he’s such a robot that, he he knows the guys talented, he impacts games, he impacts coverage, you know, being a defensive minded head coach, even though he’s heavy offensive now, he knows what that guy would do and how it would bolster his team. Plus, you got (Nelson) Agholor. Yyou’re struggling with Kendrick (Bourne) here. Not struggling with Bourne, but why isn’t he playing more? You know, Parker’s up, Parker’s down.

    Beetle: I can’t envision this, even a little bit, because Odell Beckham Jr. is a player who was damaged goods in the league right. Last year, goes to the Rams, helped them in a huge way, was a big part of what they were doing. And the winning is what made him look good again. Which would have made other teams look at him in the offseason if he were healthy, if he didn’t get the injury, and say, yeah, we’ll give you a four year deal for real money. Yeah, you’re getting another legit NFL contract. Maybe that wasn’t with the Rams. That could have been with anybody else that he’s getting real money again. And I think he was so close to winning, I know that he gets a ring and I know that he’s a Super Bowl winner now, played in the game, but I don’t know.

    Zo: He’s not ring chasing now though, you know?

    Beetle: Yeah, but what it did for his image and his future earning potential was massive. If he could get there again with the Rams and make an impact in games in the postseason this year. That to me is going to boost his value in a big way in free agency, that he’s proving that he could do it at a high level like he was doing it a year ago.

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