New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Aug 27, 2022; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) waves to fans during a preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Scheer-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Zo admitted he just wants the old Tom Brady back after seeing his postgame press conference following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Zo is missing the old Tom Brady

    Beetle: If you were hoping for Tom Brady to reveal whatever it was that kept him away from his team for ten days, that did not happen when he returned and talked about it. That has not been the case.

    Zo: Didn’t sound like the – based on his tone there, regarding the ‘s’ that’s going on in his life right now, it seemed like that 11 day hiatus helped him. If you went away your family and you filled up that bucket, everybody’s feeling good about it, aren’t you in a good mood getting back to work? Because he picked up right where he left off, according to all reports with the throws. People that cover the team that are there on a daily basis, the beat writers. Well, he looks good. Looks like he never left. What the hell is the problem for 11 days? That was a negative tone to him addressing time away.

    Hardy: It was very negative.

    Beetle: Yeah, I don’t think he was kidding or joking or anything like that.

    Zo: People out there joking that he looks different. He looks like he lost more weight or he looks gaunt.

    Beetle: Did you think he looks gross when you saw him? Did you see him?

    Zo: I didn’t see the press conference.

    Hardy: I’m showing it to him.

    Zo: Wow. Looks like a baby. Looks like Skeletor.

    Beetle: Like what happened to his cheeks? It’s like he had them removed.

    Hardy: That’s the new thing. People getting their cheekbones removed.

    Zo: I don’t want to see that.

    Beetle: So you think he looks gross and gaunt?

    Zo: I didn’t say that. T-Bone said it.

    Beetle: Well, that’s what T-Bone said and now you’re what agreeing with it?

    Zo: I want our old Brady back. He’s turned into Tom Cruise, is what he’s doing.

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