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On Wednesday’s Toucher & Rich program, Rich mentioned that he regrets not taking an auto body technical class in high school. And for the first 15 years of his driving life, most of the cars he owned were “garbage.”

Subsequently, listeners started to call and tweet in their stories about owning junk cars….

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    Tow truck towing a broken down car on the street

  • Caller #1: When I was 16 years old, my first car was a ’77 Pontiac Grand Prix and I had it till I was 27. Towards the end, the car had holes where you would put your feet, in both the front and the back, both sides. 

    My girlfriend at the time—towards the end of the time I had the car, driving down to Rhode Island—she’s looking in the back seat. One of the holes is as big as a basketball. So I had to be careful not to put stuff there. And so, going down the highway ripping 65 mph, you can see the highway going underneath the car. And she’s like, “What the heck is this?” I’m like, “It’s fine. You know, just don’t put your feet there. 

    Ryan: That sounds like a Fred Flintstone car. 

    Rich: When I first picked up my wife for a date, she crawled through the driver’s side door to get to the passenger seat. Her door wouldn’t open. 

  • Caller #2: When I was six, my family moved to Roslindale, my dad had a Volkswagen bus, and we were ordering pizza one day. I remember being in the car waiting for them. Right above the gas pedal, I started to see this little flame starting to burn. I asked myself, “Is this car on fire?” 

    I went inside the restaurant, got my dad, and as soon as we came back outside, the whole car got engulfed in flames. It was unreal. I’ll never forget that. 

  • Caller #3: I had a ’73 hatchback, and it was probably a piece of garbage when it came out of the showroom. This car had delayed steering, so if you tried to take a left, you had to turn the wheel a second or two before the turn.  

    That was bad enough, but the radio also used to go on and off with the directional. So, if you were listening to the radio and making a turn at the same time it would add to the whole experience. It was very disorienting. It was quite a piece of crap. 

    Rich: I love that if you go down the highway at 55 mph and there’s a turn coming, you better think ahead! 

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