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    Toucher and Rich surf the internet for stories from the armpits of America for your listening pleasure. On today’s edition: man who was caught on camera doing a foul act to get revenge.

  • Denver Police are searching for a man who was caught on camera doing a foul act to get revenge on his neighbor.

    Footage shows the man walking his dog near Andrew Roush’s home. While the dog is sniffing for a good spot, that’s when the owner drops his pants and took care of business.

    “I was disgusted,” Roush told reporters. “A man was walking his dog, comes up here, pulls his shorts down and defecated on our property.”

    The homeowner just installed cameras to catch people not cleaning up after their dogs. Was he expecting this particular situation would happen? Probably not.

    Roush believes it’s retaliation due to a post he made on the Nextdoor app, which highlights a man not picking up his dog’s turd. Reporters say the man resembles the one accused of dropping heat in his yard.

    The investigation is ongoing. If caught, the pooper could be charged for violating a city code and face up to 60 days in jail.