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A screenshot of an ad that ran during the Super Bowl, Feb. 11, 2024. (Screenshot: YouTube)

During this morning’s Toucher & Hardy radio program, Fred and Hardy explored various Super Bowl ads, including examined a commercial centered around foot washing as a metaphor for spreading love and peace, only to look like an ad targeting people with foot fetishes. Other commercials included  trailers for “Wicked” and “Twisters” which sparked speculation about the plot of the latter, adding an entertaining twist to their analysis…. Twist. Get it?

The hosts also examined a controversial commercial centered around foot washing as a metaphor for spreading love and peace. They expressed amusement at its unconventional approach to religious messaging, originally thinking it was a commercial for the website, “Wicked Feet”.

The ad, titled “Foot Washing,” depicted a series of static images capturing individuals, such as a woman situated outside a family planning clinic, undergoing foot washing. The commercial concluded with the poignant slogan: “Jesus didn’t preach hate. He washed feet.”


The duo also examined Ben Affleck’s surprising foray into pop stardom, showcased in a star-studded Dunkin’ commercial premiered during the game.

Also during a commercial break in Super Bowl LVIII, viewers got their first glimpse of the Deadpool 3 trailer, offering a sneak peek into Wade Wilson’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut alongside Wolverine, now titled “Deadpool & Wolverine”.



  • Wicked


    Check out the new “Wicked” trailer! Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande look amazing in green and pink as they journey through Oz in Jon M. Chu’s movie musical. Premiering during the Super Bowl, the trailer features the iconic song “Defying Gravity,” giving us a glimpse of the magical adventure ahead. Fans are thrilled for what promises to be an unforgettable movie experience!

  • BMW featuring Christopher Walken


    Even celebrities like Ashley Park from “Emily in Paris” and halftime show headliner Usher couldn’t resist chatting up Christopher Walken when they bumped into him, drawn in by his unmistakable presence. Known for his iconic roles and that unmistakable voice, Walken often finds himself the subject of fans eager to share their best impression of him. This chance encounter underscores the lasting popularity and impact of Walken’s performances through the years, while also showing how even other famous faces can’t resist being captivated by his charisma.

  • Dunkin Donuts featuring Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Matt Damon & more


    Ben Affleck’s surprising venture into pop stardom highlights the unexpected possibilities that arise when you’re fueled by Dunkin’. Premiering during Super Bowl LVIII, “The DunKings” marks Affleck’s debut in the music scene, alongside appearances by Matt Damon and Tom Brady. Notably, the commercial also features Jennifer Lopez, Jack Harlow, and Fat Joe. This star-studded ad showcases Affleck’s unexpected transition into music, adding another dimension to his already diverse career.

  • FanDuel featuring Rob Gronkowski, Carl Weathers and more


    The Super Bowl LVIII FanDuel ad with Carl Weathers was changed to pay tribute to him after his death. In the ad, there’s a message on the screen that says, “Thank You, Carl 1948-2024,” after Weathers talks to Rob Gronkowski. Weathers, famous for playing Apollo Creed in the “Rocky” movies, passed away peacefully at 76 on February 1, according to his family’s statement to Deadline.

  • T-Mobile featuring a bunch of people


    In this commercial, many people, including Bradley Cooper’s mom, are auditioning to be the next Magenta Status spokesperson. Jennifer Hudson, Common, Laura Dern, Patrick J. Adams, and Gabriel Macht, also tried to audition.

  • Twisters


    Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones star in “Twisters,” a movie about chasing tornadoes. The trailer premiered during the 2024 Super Bowl, showing the intense action as characters try to escape dangerous storms. Alongside Powell and Edgar-Jones, the cast includes Anthony Ramos, Brandon Perea, Daryl McCormack, Maura Tierney, Kiernan Shipka, Sasha Lane, and David Corenswet. “Twisters” is directed by Lee Isaac Chung and produced by Frank Marshall, who co-founded Amblin Entertainment, the company behind the original “Twister” film.

  • That foot commercial


    An evangelical Christian group’s costly Super Bowl ad might have gone viral for the wrong reason because It focused solely on feet. The ad, bought by an evangelical campaign called He Gets Us, features a one-minute slideshow of individuals washing each other’s feet.

  • Deadpool & Wolverine


    The first Deadpool 3 trailer premiered, showing Wade Wilson joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Wolverine. This teaser gives us a peek at the movie before its summer release and unveils its title: Deadpool and Wolverine. With this title, we can expect to see important Marvel characters in the MCU, along with Deadpool’s famous fourth wall breaks.

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