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  • On Wednesday’s Zolak and Bertrand show, Ted Johnson gave his outlook on the Patriots defense after two preseason games and a joint practice with the Raiders.

  • Ted Johnson: It’s a unit that I’m struggling to kind of, you know, have a clear understanding, I think, of what they’re capable of being this year. When you consider the fact that they played the backups for the Carolina Panthers last week to start the game the week before. They didn’t start to play at all against the Giants starters. And then the two weeks preceding the Giants first preseason game, they’ve been dominating a Patriots offense that can’t even get off the ground yet.

    So with all that in mind, it’s very hard to kind of understand what you got in this defense. But I will say this, there are some things that are kind of just jumping out a little bit from what I’ve seen so far on training camp in the first two preseason games. And I will say this about this Patriots defense, I think at the end of the day Zo, that this defense is going to be a very smart defense. I think it’s going to be a very competitive defense, and I think it’s going to be an attacking defense.

    I think this is the defense that they are going to blitz a ton. I think they are going to do it from different levels. I think a lot of the smart the smaller guys that you see out there, the bigger safeties, smaller linebackers of all those body types that you see the Patriots kind of have out there, I think they’re doing that not only for better coverage, but I think they are going to have exotic blitzes that they’re going to do. So I think it’s going to be a smart, competitive, attacking defense.

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