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Ted Johnson joined Felger and Jim Murray on Friday’s Felger and Mazz program and gave his thoughts on the New England Patriots reportedly signing Tight End Mike Gesicki to a one-year contract.

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  • Ted's Thoughts on the Mike Gesicki Signing

    Ted Johnson: Yeah Mike, I was excited about this signing, and I was on with you on Sports Sunday this past Sunday and you asked me to give you a couple of names of guys that I would want the Patriots to go after in free agency and one of the names I gave you was Mike Gesicki. So I was thrilled to hear the news. He’s a major upgrade from Jonnu Smith. In fact, I think he’s he’s a more dynamic piece than Hunter Henry. I think he can be a more impactful piece at tight end than Hunte rHenry. So I like the signing. I think he was the best tight end on the market. He’s a threat in the middle of the field with JuJu Smith-Schuster you know signing him along with Gesicki, middle of the field is going to be clearly a focal point this year as opposed to what it was last year. He had more touchdowns last year then the Patriots ight ends had combined. I mean he only had 32 receptions, so he had five touchdowns only on 32 receptions. He’s a red zone threat.

    Felger: Does that concern you, Ted, by the way? I’m sorry to interrupt you, but does it concern you his lack of production last year?

    Ted Johnson: No it doesn’t because it it didn’t seem like that was a good fit from the very beginning. Mike McDaniel for whatever reason, did not know how to use him. They were not on the same page. And so his his snaps were were limited because he just wasn’t a good fit for that system. But before that, the four years he played prior, I’ve always been a big fan him. Big, big fan. So I was excited. He’s more of a big dynamic receiver than he is tight end. Bill O’Brien has familiarity with him from going back to the Penn State days, he recruited him. He’s on a one year prove it deal which I like. Former second round draft pick. So there’s a lot of things that I like about him and I would put him Mike, and I got kind of bogged down with you on the Sunday show with this, “the middle class”, you know, Patriots needing to sign “middle class”, I really meant to say, and I should have said it, “upper middle class”. I think Mike Gesicki is kind of more of an upper middle class player that the Patriots signed. He’s not a guy that’s “just a guy”, I think he’s a guy that can be an impactful player on this team. So in conclusion, I’m a big fan of the signing of Mike Gesicki.

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