New England Patriots

On Wednesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Ted Johnson admitted that coaching decisions are the reason for the Patriots being 1-3.

  • Coaching decisions are to blame

    Ted Johnson: Are they (Patriots) maybe a little bit better than what they are showing? Yeah, I think they might be to some degree and I would say, but not by much, I think at times that maybe the coaching decisions is the reason to some degree that they don’t have a little bit better record. And I’m just saying a little bit better. By not using Kendrick Bourne maybe earlier in the year, I don’t know, Kendrick Bourne against Miami. Who knows? Maybe that outcome’s a little bit different, you know, not changing the offense and system and maybe, I think confusing your young quarterback, Mac Jones early in the season. Maybe he isn’t as clouded. Maybe he’s not making those dumb interceptions early in the season that negatively impacted his team. I go back to it’s more about I think if Tom (Curran) thinks you have a better team talent wise than what your record shows, then it doesn’t fall on the coaching.

    Scott Zolak: Yeah. And I think you need to look at the league too, because like if Baltimore beat Buffalo, Buffalo would’ve been 2-2. Like if Bailey Zappe pulls off that comeback, you’re tied for Buffalo in first place. That five minute stretch changes a lot. There’s a quagmire of teams that are 2-2 right now. You should be a 2-2 team. You should have went for it at the end of that game and beat the Packers by a field goal by picking up 14 yards. 14 yards and Nick Folk is money.

    Hardy: But by Ted’s assessment, Bill was just being Bill. What he’s been his whole career.

    Scott Zolak: But that also plays into Curran’s point they’re closer than there score indicates. 1-3, they don’t feel like a 1-3 team.

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