Wicked Summer Fun Guide

New England is turning up the heat this weekend!   Goodbye spring…HELLO, summer weather!

A heat advisory remains in effect from 8:00 am Saturday to 8:00 pm Sunday. It’s going to be one hot weekend with temps reaching into the 90s!  That’s right, it could be as hot as 99 degrees with the humidity, which would break the weather records here.

So, as the temperatures rise, Country 102.5 is helping you beat the heat with 10 ways to stay cool!

Hear what Boston 25 News Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz has to say about this weekend:

For further weather updates, visit Boston25News.com

Remember, stay cool….stay safe!  Don’t forget to check on family, friends, elderly neighbors, and your pets!

  • Stay Hydrated

    Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, it’s important to stay hydrated. So keep that water bottle filled to the brim!

    Water Bottle in refrigerator

  • Keep Your Home As Cool As Possible

    If you have AC, definitely get that cranked up.  But if you don’t, keep the windows open and running fans to circulate the air.

    Happy african american family relaxing on sofa under air conditioner

  • Avoid The Sun Between 11am to 2pm

    The sun is typically the hottest between 11am and 2pm, so it’s best to limit your time out in sun during these hours.   If you have to be outside, dress appropriately and keep that sunblock on.

    Bright summer Sun shining over a lake within the dunes of nature r reserve 't Zwanenwater in Callantsoog, the Netherlands

  • Freeze Your Bedsheets

    Yup… you read that right!!   This is a handy little trick.  Put your bedsheets in your refrigerator or freeze 30 minutes before you go to bed.  Your bed will feel perfectly delightful!

    Woman is putting the bedding cover or mattress pad on the bed or putting off for cleaning process.

  • Enjoy A Popsicle Or A Smoothie

    Who doesn’t love a good popsicle, right?!  If you are looking for a treat that will help to cool your down, try a freshening popsicle or ice cold smoothie.  Both can help cool you off, all while helping you stay hydrated!

    Mother and daughter summertime happiness and eat popsicles

  • Keep Your Pressure Points Cool

    There are several key pressure points on the body that if you apply a small ice pack to will help to cool you down right away!   Those spots are behind the knees, neck, elbow bends, ankles, wrists and temples.  Keep those “hot zones” cool!

    woman putting an ice pack on her arm pain, healthy and medical concept

  • Dress For The Heat

    When a heatwave hits, dress not to impress but to stay cool.   Wear loose-fitting clothing that is breathable, like cotton.   Make sure your footwear choice won’t leave your feet sweaty.  Pull out that favorite hat of yours, it will give that extra shade you need.   And don’t forget those sunglasses!

    Retired woman outdoors with arms outstretched

  • Keep A Spray Bottle Full

    Fill up a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge for a quick and very refreshing spray to your face.  It’s a quick and easy way to cool down.

    Pink spray bottle spraying mist

  • Take A Cold Shower Or Bath

    Hop in a cold shower or bath to help bring down your core temperature.

    Woman taking a bath checking temperature touching running water with hand.

  • A Trip To The Mall Or Movies

    If you are looking for a break from the heat, you can always take a little trip to air conditioned location like the mall, movies, museum, etc.  A good way to get out of the heat and have a little fun!

    Parents with kids on knees in cinema.Front view of multiracial kids holding popcorn and sitting on knees of parents. Little african girl with caucasian woman and caucasian boy with senior grandfather. Family, entertainment concept.

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