Boston Bruins

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Matt & Ty are back with a new episode focused on – what else? – hockey and random food takes.

  • (1:23) Riffing on “Coca-Cola Move,” Girl Scout Cookies, UTZ chips, Gatorade, and much more.

    (15:28) Matt started working out at the Sports Hub gym and had to tell Ty about it. But they soon get into the Bruins.

    (19:00) HOCKEY! The Bruins are in the midst of a winning streak and have an exciting new forward in the mix in Tyler Bertuzzi. But who’s the “odd man out” if all their injured forwards are back and healthy for the playoffs?

    (32:05) The guys were not particularly impressed with the Rangers in last Saturday’s game against the Bruins.

    (36:28) Speaking of odd man out, what’s the plan for the Bruins’ defense if their top-7 guys are all healthy?

    (51:51) Matt & Ty pick their “Big 3” fast food specialty items.

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