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  • Ty is back from vacation and ready to catch up on all the Bruins news that dropped while he was out. The guys go over that, plus the latest from Patriots training camp.

  • The rundown…

    (23:33) Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci officially returned to the Bruins last week. Matt & Ty go over the roster implications of the moves and their expectations for the season.

    (37:04) David Pastrnak still isn’t signed long-term. Can the Bruins afford to go into the season without a deal?

    (44:52) Matt thinks the hot takes got carried away with the pessimism surrounding the Patriots in training camp. He goes over the good stuff he’s seen, and what he believes has been behind Mac Jones’ early struggles.

    (58:13) Ty runs through a new list of Patriots players to find out what’s going on with them at camp.

    (1:13:13) The guys name their “Big 3” spin-off movies/TV shows they would love to see.

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