Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

On Tuesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Zo revealed his shockingly delicious gas station food hack.

  • First, you need to go to Cumberland Farms

    Scott Zolak: I’ll tell you what I did the other day here for our little secret for yah.

    Marc Bertrand: Yeah? Family secret.

    Scott Zolak: Got the 2-for-1 steak bombs in there 5.99.

    Hardy: The pre-made sandwich?

    Scott Zolak: Steak bombs. Yeah, I said give me two of those. You want to heat it up here? I said no, you’re not going to heat it up here, what I’m going to do is take those home. So I’ll give you the thing, got the SmartPay Rewards app and scanned it. Actually got a free soda out of it because I’ve used it so many times. Took them home, opened both steak bombs up, put them on a piece of tinfoil. Put it inside the air-fryer, turned it on high, pushed that door shut. Waited about 3 minutes.

    Marc Bertrand: You’re describing air frying? Yes.

    Scott Zolak: Then I get out a piece of American cheese. Put extra cheese on top it. Put it back in a minute. Brought them out, cut them up, gave them to the kids, they’re like “Oh, my God Dad, where did you get these sandwiches? These are delicious.” Well, I made them for you.

    Marc Bertrand: You told them you made them?

    Scott Zolak: I bought two subs at a gas station. Added cheese to it. Air-fried them, cut up some pickles.

    Hardy: Zo’s life hack of the day is two gas station sandwiches. Add a slice from a Kraft single.

    Scott Zolak: Try the cheese pizza or the angus burger from Cumby’s with air-fryer.

  • Listen to the full segment!

  • Scott Zolak

    Scott Zolak

  • Also the pizza Milliken was talking about...

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