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We all know Scott Zolak loves to live tweet during sporting events. Well, Super Wild Card weekend in the NFL gave Zo two full days of sports to react to! Here are the highlights from Zo’s weekend on the couch watching football!!

  • Patriots drafted N'Keal Harry but...

  • Scott Zolak: Big Football Guy

  • San Francisco is Purdy Good


  • Zo's Ideal Super Bowl Matchup

  • Zo Critical of NBC Broadcast on Saturday


  • Zo When the Chargers Choked

  • Zo continued to tweet on Sunday


  • Insightful analysis for Bills-Dolphins


  • Zo's got no time for feel good stories

  • Not "Touchdown Jesus", but....

  • A free agent target for the Pats?

  • The end of Bills-Dolphins


  • The Vikings never stood a chance because...

  • Daboll!

  • Zo must have tapped out early on Bengals-Ravens...


    THE END….