New England Patriots

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Scott Zolak admitted the Patriots were forming an identity with Bailey Zappe as QB1.

  • I'm just telling you what I see...

    Scott Zolak: I’m just telling you what I see. I see a good vibe with the team. I see energy now carries over the last week, this wasn’t just yesterday in Cleveland because it’s a road game and they’ve got to come together. See guys having fun. I see buy-in, stuff that we talked about an entire freaking preseason about buying or no buying, is the team not buying in. You know the Kendrick Bourne reports, was he one of the guys from last year in the offseason. Troy Brown saying we all know he didn’t have a great offseason like a year ago. That stuff was being said. And now I see, hey we’re in. I’m running this route. I’m not dogging it. I’m not taking this play off. I see him come to the sideline and again hug Matt Patricia. Not that that’s a requirement. That’s just a natural reaction for him. This is new. You’re calling it. It’s working. I’m saying thank you. That’s all. We’re having fun. We’re playing ball. We’re having fun. Winning and having fun. This doesn’t feel like Brady-Gronkowski winning, not having fun.

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