New England Patriots

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Scott Zolak said he’d bet on Bailey Zappe starting against the Bears tonight.

  • If Zo was a betting man...

    Beetle: Let’s summarize this all up. Let’s summarize this take of yours. You are not convinced that Mac Jones will be the starter tonight. Who do you think will be the starter tonight?

    Zo: If I had to bet right now, I think it would be (Bailey) Zappe. If I had to push everything into the table, I think it would be Zappe because I think the Jets game looming on the horizon on a short week, an away game, is more important to where you stand based on Miami won, the Bills are sitting there with one loss at the top. You’ve got three teams in your division right now that are actually playoff teams. Seven weeks into it, you need to beat the Jets next week. Mac’s week is next week to me on a short week. You got weather tonight too, chilly and rain, wet conditions. That’s not ideal. See, this isn’t a fourth linebacker. This isn’t a fifth receiver that you’re going to get out there, you know, tape him up, maybe give him the shot on gameday and see how it goes in pregame. Like that’s not a gametime decision you make. This is a starting quarterback. This decision had to be made three days ago.

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