New England Patriots

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Zo admitted he was pretty impressed with the NFL debut of Bailey Zappe.

  • Zappe didn't crap his pants

    Beetle: All right, Zo go ahead. What’d you make of Bailey Zappe yesterday?

    Zo: I was pretty impressed with him. Extremely worried, because I thought the kid, you know, crapping his pants, butterflies flying. He did say I had the nerves. He said they had to calm me down, this is in his postgame. You know, the the great thing about the team was everybody tried to pick me up. They kept me in the game, you know, talking to me throughout it. I thought they called plays that helped him, meaning just get the ball in his hand quickly to get his feet wet. Now did he miss some throws? Yes, but the first big one like you’re hyperventilating. I go back to me like getting in the game first time. Like you get up there, you’re under center, you hear the noise, you’re just trying to remember snap count. Can I get the snap? Can I execute the play? He was really good at the huddle and the sideline stuff. Just looking over there, just sort of staring at the wristband. Knowing the personnel groupings coming in, 80% of battles get set up like, you know, because there are a multitude of sets.

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