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Fred Toucher made a comeback on the “Toucher and Rich” show on 98.5 The Sports Hub. He shared that he voluntarily went to a facility to get help for his alcohol problem. This happened after he posted concerning comments on social media during the Memorial Day weekend, which he later removed.

  • Fred Toucher

    Fred Toucher at the Wilbur Theatre

  • Fred has been missing from the show throughout the entire week finally returned on Friday. At the beginning of the show, he briefly explained what had occurred, and provided more details during the 8AM hour. He mentioned being in a difficult emotional state but made it clear that he never had any thoughts of hurting himself.

  • “As you know, I’m going through a divorce,’’ said Toucher, “The reason I bring that up is that half the time I live alone, without my kids, all right. So then there was the whole throat thing with the possible cancer, and I was out of work for five weeks, and there was a lot of time alone.”

    He sensed that something negative was imminent. In response, he reached out to his father, who planned to come and support him. However, on Saturday, Fred relapsed and expressed his dark thoughts on Twitter, causing concern among others. Recognizing the potential consequences of staying home and worsening the situation, he made the decision to admit himself into a detox facility.

  • Fred Toucher

    Fred Toucher at the old Sports Hub studios in Brighton, MA (Credit: NBC Sports Boston)

  • “Basically what I was doing was voluntarily locking myself up so I knew that I wouldn’t drink anymore,’’ Fred said. “I was like, ‘All right, I’ve lost control, I’ve lost control of alcohol, I’m not thinking like me.’

    Toucher mentioned that when a patient enters a detox facility, they are typically required to stay for 72 hours. However, since he checked in during the holiday weekend, he explained that his first two days did not count towards that time frame. He described his experience during the five-day stay as the most challenging period of his life. Despite completing the detox process on Tuesday morning due to the short duration of his alcohol consumption, he had to remain in the facility without the option to leave until he was released on Thursday morning.



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