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Ian Rapoport of NFL Network joined Felger and Mazz at Radio Row in Arizona on Monday and gave his thoughts on the Patriots coaching staff heading in to the 2023 NFL season.

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  • What does Rapoport think about the coaching staff?

    Mazz: So Ian, I’m curious, what do you think the general perception is of the Patriots coaching staff now? And I ask this in the wake of the news that Nick Caley basically made a lateral move to go to the Rams, do people look at the Patriots the same way they did in the past as far as job opportunities?

    Ian Rapoport: Well, I mean, a couple of things there. First of all, I think this Patriots staff is pretty good. I mean, it’s pretty good. Bill O’Brien is, to me, as good as it gets as an offensive coordinator. Definitely had his time as a head coach, too, before, well, that’s a that’s a whole different book, but I think as an offensive coordinator is really, really good and will coach very hard and will not care about hurting feelings. And I think Mac Jones is extremely excited about it. And we’re going to find out what Mac Jones is as a quarterback this year. And I think it’s going to be more like he was as a rookie. I think Adrian Klemm really, really good reputation. I think that was a good hire. The Nick Caley thing, you know they basically had hired a tight ends coach anyway.

    Felger: Who’s they?

    Ian Rapoport: The Patriots.

    Felger: And who? O’Brien’s guy who used to be with him in Houston?

    Ian Rapoport: Yeah. Will Lawing.

    Felger: The guy that has been with him for a while.

    Ian Rapoport: Yeah. So I think that makes sense. And you know, usually you make a hire, you get to bring at least one of your guys. So the Nick Caley thing was more mutual to me. Now, I heard he’s a very, very good young coach. Just because he’s not in New England doesn’t mean he’s not good. But I think both sides are probably okay with that one.

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