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Paul Perillo of Patriots.com joins Felger and Mazz every Wednesday during the Football season. This week, Paul gave his thoughts on the performance of Mac Jones in the Patriots victory over the New York Jets on Sunday!

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    Felger: Let’s start with Mac Jones, shall we? Because I think there’s been a difference of opinion over his play. Certainly some fans think he’s still been middling. Some experts think he’s been middling. Other experts like Greg Bedard looked at the film and says, no, actually, he was really good in this game. And Bill Belichick gets his back as well.

    Paul Perillo: I like “out of the side of your mouth” when you talk about that one.

    Felger: Well, no, I should.

    Paul Perillo: I’m going to be boring on this.

    Felger: That wasn’t intentional. But where do you stand?

    Paul Perillo: Yeah, right in the middle. It’s boring, I know. I don’t think he was the the major problem in the game on Sunday. I think obviously the pass protection was. I think he was under siege for most of the day. I thought that the the line really struggled. And I think you really saw the impact that David Andrews has, not only as the leader in the middle, but what he was doing for Cole Strange in some of these games. So that was the biggest problem to me. That said, I don’t think Mac Jones did a whole lot to help out that situation. I think he didn’t deal with, you know, the pressure very well and I don’t think he played very well, but I don’t think he was a disaster by any means. I think he made some plays, particularly early in the game. I thought that he extended some drives with some good third down conversions, but ultimately, given the field position that they had in that game, to come away with 22 points is unacceptable. I mean, Bill always says, and you remember these from the days when you were down there, Mike, the quarterback’s job is to move the ball and put points on the board. He did neither in that game. They didn’t really score a lot of points and they didn’t move the ball at all.

    Felger: And didn’t they had six of their points without a first down?

    Paul Perillo: Really nine, because the field goal that they got at the end of the half, the only movement of the ball was the roughing the passer penalty.

    Felger: Oh, God. Is that right?

    Paul Perillo: Yeah. It was like five plays, sixteen yards. And then four plays, no yards. Four plays, four yards. They had three scoring drives, in essence, that they didn’t really record a first down. That’s nine points for like just given to you.

    Felger: So, you know, people think that it was a good day offensively, but it was totally overrated offensively.

    Paul Perillo: It was notoverrated, it was terrible. 288 yards is terrible.

    Mazz: Right, they just they had 288, that’s what I was double checking.

    Paul Perillo: And like 120 of those in the second half when it, “got better”. Like a lot of people talked about how it was better. They had some tempo in the second half. They won the game offensively because of one man, basically. And that was Raymondre Stevenson.

    Mazz: No, Zach Wilson.

    Paul Perillo: But really it was the takeaways. It was the you know, and you’re probably right, it’s Zach Wilson giveaways.

    Mazz: No, not probably. I am right.

    Paul Perillo: You’re always right Tony.