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Paul Perillo of Patriots.com joins Felger and Mazz every Wednesday during the Patriots season. This week, gave his thoughts on who is to blame for the Patriots struggles on offense in 2022.

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    Felger: Let’s order the biggest concern as it relates to that (the offense), the quarterback, the coaching, the overall team, you know what? Where do they come up short?

    Paul Perillo: You know what the worst part is, in my mind is that it’s it’s all of it. I think it’s all on the table. I think the quarterback is inconsistent. I think the coaching situation we’ve beaten to death, you know, with the the set up and the design of the offense. And I don’t think they’re, you know the offensive line hasn’t been great, I don’t think it was a huge problem on Thanksgiving night, I thought they held up reasonably well. But I don’t think they have the best weapons. I think they’re like a lot of other teams. It’s become a cliche, we talk about this stuff, right? You know, Cincinnati went out and got Ja’marr Chase. And A.J. Brown in Philly and all the, you know, Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson in their respective places. I think the Patriots could make a step forward if they got an Alpha on the outside and had that one guy that everybody has to pay attention to. But I think it’s widespread. I don’t think you could put it all in the quarterback. I don’t think you can put it all in coaching. They’re just not good enough right now.

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