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Paul Perillo of Patriots.com joined Felger and Mazz on Wednesday and he gave some thoughts on the current QB situation for the Patriots.

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    Felger: Here’s what a good day for Zappe would be…..two touchdowns, no turnovers, and they win. I mean, I think that’d be a great day.

    Paul Perillo: I think a lot of people think he lit it up Sunday. Based on the people that I’m talking to and hearing from, people that, I been astounded by this, I said this to Tony off the air, Mike, during the break, how many people are ready after 20 games to say, “Mac Jones can’t play? He’s not the answer. This guy’s the future. He’s the future. We got to go to him”. And you guys know I like Mac Jones. I think he’s good. I don’t think he’s great.

    Jim Murray: And I think that’s how most people feel, too.

    Paul Perillo: Oh, no, no, no, no. People I’ve heard from this week that think Mac Jones sucks. They listen to Tony, “he sucks”. And I just don’t really understand that. I don’t understand what you saw from Mac Jones against Baltimore in that game and then watch Bailey Zappe play Sunday and thought that those two guys were playing the same sport.

    Jim Murray: It was the whining and crying at the end.

    Paul Perillo: Because Bailey Zappe looked like Paul Perillo in 1985 playing for Everett High School with the “power I” just handing the ball off every play. I could do that, Tony. You asked me to throw. I couldn’t do that too much. And forget about Run.

    Mazz: I’m not sure you could hand it off either.

    Felger: Play it out, we’re not talking about Zappe lighting it up. They win, he gets a couple of touchdowns and he doesn’t turn it over and now he does that for a couple of weeks. And let’s just I mean, let’s just play it out.

    Paul Perillo: That’s different.

    Felger: Okay.

    Paul Perillo: So, much better than he played Sunday.

    Felger: Yes, right. Okay. Well, but I mean he turned it over and he only had one touchdown. So if he doesn’t turn it over, if they get into the end zone and they win games and they do that four straight weeks.

    Paul Perillo: Yeah, that’s different. And I brought that up to you guys last week with Hoyer.

    Felger: What do you think Bill does there?

    Paul Perillo: I think if he’s playing really well, I think he rides the hot streak for a while and makes sure that Mac Jones is completely healthy and sees some signs that Zappe’s struggling with stuff. But the coaches also know what’s going on. Like they break down a performance much more. I think the coaches would have a different, like analytical breakdown of what Bailey Zappe did Sunday than most of the fans have. The fans just look and say, “we’re 24-24 in overtime with the Packers. This is unbelievable”. I would agree. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect when Hoyer went down, I thought there was a chance they could turn it over four or five times. They turned it over once. And it really wasn’t even his fault. You know, he held the ball a little too long on that play. But, you know he got lit up.