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Michael Felger and Jim Murray have an update about Felger’s stolen car!


For those of you who have been following the crazy story of Michael Felger getting his parents car stolen, we have an update for you! Yes, you read it correctly, Felger got his parents car stolen, and after MONTHS it has been FOUND!

For those of you who know the story, we have an update for you at the end. It has been a pleasure getting to the bottom of this mystery with you guys.

  • The Backstory

    Felger and his family went to on a trip to New Orleans to visit his daughter at college for parents weekend. Felger’s parents are both in their 80’s and drove down to New Orleans from Florida.

    Felger borrowed the car to take his daughter and friends to a show downtown at Tipatina’s. The show was sold out, so he double-parked on the corner to try to get them in. There was just one problem with that…he left the keys in the ignition. When they came back  a few minutes later,  the car was gone!

    The New Orleans police department did not show up to the scene and have not been very helpful with the case so far.

  • Felger got a call back from the investigator in November

    The police officer said that they have been reviewing the video and were investigating why it was so easy for them to steal the car. Felger figured out that the police might think it had been an inside job because it happened so quickly and the keys were left inside of  the vehicle.

  • The police report was wrong

    It turns out, the Nola police didn’t seem to take the incident very seriously, as the police report was messed up in several places. It appears that it was copied from an old report, referring to Felger as a SHE half the time, and including statements about a “Miss Williams” who no one knows.


    Felger’s parents’ stolen car has been FOUND. It was recovered in a tow yard in New Orleans. It had literally just been sitting there for MONTHS.

    Clearly the police were working very tirelessly to find the vehicle.

  • Staff at the tow yard was not allowed to open the car

    As soon as it was recovered, Felger and his family naturally wanted to know what was inside the car, but it was against the company policy at the tow yard to open it up.

  • The car was shipped back to his parents in Florida

    Once the car arrived back in Florida, Felger’s parents finally were able to open up the car and see what was inside. In the car they found an absurd amount of stolen goods.

  • Items found in the stolen car:

    – several bags/ purses

    – cell phones

    – multiple sets of car keys

    – laptops

    – passports

    – blunts, LOTS of blunts

    – fast food wrappers

    – drug paraphernalia

  • Not to mention there bullets everywhere….

    There were stray bullets, casings, etc. all over the backseat and floor of the car… There was even a ding on the car that looked like it had been hit by a bullet. What in the heck did these people get up to?

  • Here is what Felger thinks happened

    Why on earth would someone steal his car, go on a crime spree, and then leave all of the stolen items behind? This situation just gets weirder and weirder.

    Felger thinks that they must have made a plan to target all the parents in town for parents’ weekend, and steal from them. They stole car keys hoping to steal more cars, purses, wallets, laptops, and passports until they were satisfied.

    Maybe they decided to go back to the old hood and have a shootout? Who knows… but they definitely did a bunch of drugs, ate tons of fast food, and then locked themselves out or lost the car keys.

    I am sure it was a rude awakening when they realized that all of their ill-gotten gain was trapped in the car and that it had been towed. They clearly couldn’t go recover a stolen car from the tow yard… These must have been some SMOOTH criminals.

  • What are Felger’s parents going to do with the car?

    Aside from a small bullet like whole in the front of the car, it is in perfectly good condition. The only problem is the smell. Apparently it REEKS of blunts… so many blunts.

    Felger’s parents plan to trade in the car for a less smelly car that has hopefully had far less criminal activity inside its doors.

  • Good luck to Felger’s parents! We are glad you got your car back!