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New Year’s resolutions… we all do it! Whether we keep them or not, we all at least start of the year with a goal in mind.

While they may not have made them this year, in the past, Felger and Jim’s resolutions have been fairly simple. Let’s just say, we hope they keep them… especially Jim.

In this clip below, Michael Felger and Jim Murray discuss their New Year’s resolutions for 2023.

  • Felger’s New Years Resolutions:

  • 1. To be nicer to people

    seems like Felger has given up on this goal of his… maybe next year!

  • 2. To lose 5 pounds

    mission accomplished!

  • Jim Murray’s New Years Resolution:

  • 1. Don’t die

    Jim Murray just wants to make enough good decisions in 2023 that he can make it to 2024!

    We sure hope you keep this one Jim!